One Architecture’s insight in long-term spatial trends has been translated into a number of business development projects, where One Architecture act as a (co-)investor.

Dutch Water Design

Dutch Water Design is an international consortium of four design firms that have pooled their know-how and expertise about the challenges and opportunities that designing in water environments brings.


The mission of Tender Design is to optimize the social return on public investment in infrastructure, area and property. In our method and advice and the creation of value for society as a whole comes first.

A Mies for All

A Mies for All (AMFA) aims to develop a business that will make possible the serial reproduction of iconic architecture – starting with the Farnsworth House. Shouldn’t everyone have the possibility of living in a Farnsworth, or any classic house for that matter?


ELTA is a housing/working building in Buiksloterham in Amsterdam North. It is the latest addition in a series of projects in Buiksloterham where individuals, architects and contractors took initiative together to create buildings where people can live and work. Living in Buiksloterham means pioneering. In a new neighborhood that is on the move.