One Architecture’s team and the tools used are specifically fit for the various disciplines that the office deals with. Our flexibility is suitable for a variation of scales, ranging from interior design to national planning, times, from the temporary to long-term visions, and expertise, from our core team to collaborations with other offices and advisors.

Matthijs Bouw
Founder / Principal


Bart Aptroot
Director Amsterdam


Travis Bunt
Director New York

With The Mobile City and OSCity One Architecture explores the use of digital technology in city building.

With Filson Rohrbacher, One Architecture works on projects that use digital technology and BIM in building projects.

Design projects often take place in collaboration with firms such as O.M.A. (multiple projects, such as Les Halles and Project NL) and BIG (Rebuild by Design).

With raumtaktik One Architecture works on the Baukulturatlas 2030/2050 for BMVBSand BBSR.

Artist collaborations include Berend Strik (many projects) and Pierre Bismuth (A Mies for All).

With Karst Blijham en Pim van der Pol One Architecture works on Tender Design.

With Studio Makkink & Bey en arch i One Architecture explores water issues in the Delhi area.