One Architecture & Urbanism (ONE) is an award-winning design and planning firm with offices in Amsterdam and New York. Established in 1995, the firm is known for its unique approach in which financial, technical, and organizational issues are addressed and resolved through design.

ONE is a global leader in large-scale climate adaptation and waterfront infrastructure planning. ONE has been instrumental in the development of complex, multi-actor planning processes in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. In their studios, designers work with engineers, policymakers, and communities to shape joint narratives, develop strategies, and implement projects.

ONE’s body of architecture work is small but distinct. ONE’s approach to architecture is akin to its urbanism: simple and open-ended designs that provide a framework for incidents of true originality. ONE’s way of doing architecture has proven to be very effective in complex environments, such as areas of high density and historical significance, because of its conceptual flexibility and adaptability.

In urbanism, ONE has learned how design can help simplify and smoothen complex puzzles, and, through that, to create space for others to engage in the city. ONE has extensive experience in designing the interrelationship between the city and its infrastructure, as well as the interrelationship between organizations, finances and territory. ONE is at the forefront of sustainable, resilient urbanism and smart city technology.

ONE is a global leader in resilience infrastructure, through flagship projects in New York and other cities, as well as through its consultancy for, a.o., 100 Resilient Cities and the Asian Development Bank. ONE founder Matthijs Bouw is the Rockefeller Urban Resilience Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. ONE understands resilience as the primary lens to view and understand complex systems.

Good cities are cities in which all stakeholders feel agency in helping shape it. Good urbanism projects are driven by a diverse constituency of actors. By engaging stakeholders and actors, it is possible to better approach challenges, motives, and solutions. Throughout the years, ONE has been at the forefront of the development and deployment of design-driven tools to gain knowledge, find solutions, and build support.

EU Subsidy

One Architecture’s “Ground for Wellbeing” project receives subsidy for European Urban Initiative

June 6, 2024 

One Architecture is pleased to announce that Ground for Wellbeing (GfW) has received a Subsidy for European Urban Initiative Greening Cities. Led by the City of Amsterdam, ONE will serve as the adviser on design processes and knowledge dissemination. The project focuses on the vulnerable Tuindorp Oostzaan (TO) in Amsterdam, where ONE has previously worked on projects like the Regional Deal Zaan IJ and Zaan IJ – Soil for Wellbeing. 

The project aims to enhance health, well-being, and climate resilience in TO through innovative soil- and water-sensitive urban design and implementation. It integrates social, spatial, and ecological measures in a 4D design of public space, focusing on healthy soil, groundwater, and social programs. It involves TO residents in a co-creation process from design to execution to ensure short-term measures and build support for long-term outcomes. 

Learn more about the expected benefits, broader impact, and EU context here.

230424 Redevelopment of the St. Lawrence shoreline in Quebec City Competition Win

Redevelopment of the St. Lawrence shoreline in Quebec City Competition Win

April 23, 2024

ONE, in collaboration with RE-A.D. Architecture Design, is honored to have been awarded second prize for the “Redevelopment of the St. Lawrence shoreline in Quebec City” ideas competition. Organized by the Commission de la capitale nationale du Québec, the international competition was intended to explore the development potential of a 5.7-mile (9.2-km) stretch of urban shoreline in Québec City.

ONE and RE-A.D.’s audacious proposal centers on the removal of the Dufferin-Montmorency Highway and reinvestment in the former railway line along the shore. The jury commended the clear concept of mobility, sensitivity to the urban fabric, and the clarity of the intentions and strategies: “It is a bold gamble—one that certainly deserves investigation for its immense potential benefits.”

Learn more about the competition here and about our winning proposal here.


ONE project team: Mathew Staudt, Randy Lo, Meichen Wang, LaiChing Tsui

5 Mar 2024 - Dutch Sea Level Rise Congress

Lot Locher presenting Meebewegen

Dutch Sea Level Rise Congress

March 4, 2024

On March 4th, ONE Architecture & Urbanism presented its work for the National Delta Program’s Sea Level Rise knowledge program at its yearly congress. ONE’s Founding Principal Matthijs Bouw co-led, with Harm Albert Zanting of Arcadis, the ‘Meebewegen’ (‘accommodate’) consortium, which further consisted of multiple engineering firms, knowledge institutes, and government officials. This consortium is one of three that each explored a solution type for the Netherlands to address sea level rise beyond two meters and up to five meters. As a team leader, Matthijs subsequently supported the synthesis report, with ONE providing the overall visuals.

At the Dutch Sea Level Rise Congress, ONE’s International Director of Climate Lot Locher presented the research into what it would mean to give water a more natural place in the country and in society, an approach distinct from continuing with the status quo to scale up technical interventions. This approach has far-reaching consequences for land use, spatial planning, and the use of nature-based solutions, not only for the economic heart of the Netherlands, the Randstad Region, but also for the areas at a higher elevation.

Learn more at the Sea Level Rise Knowledge Program website (English), and read the full reports here (Dutch) or here (English)

21 Feb 2024 ATES

Market Potential Study for Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) in Downstate New York Region

February 21, 2024

Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) is a bi-directional open-loop geothermal technology for energy storage and retrieval from aquifers. In simple terms, it uses aquifers as a battery, with a heat pump for moving the heating and cooling energy into buildings. ATES systems outperform traditional open-loop systems and conventional geothermal technologies by providing enhanced efficiency, minimal space requirement for installation, grid and flood resilience benefits, seamless integration with renewable energy sources, and increased financial return for large-scale development.

One Architecture & Urbanism recently completed a Market Potential Study for the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority’s (NYSERDA) Community Heat Pump Systems Projects. Launched in 2021, the study analyzed how to overcome technical and regulatory barriers through knowledge transfer, engaging multiple stakeholders, conducting GIS mapping analyses, and exploring use case studies with high-level system design and financial threshold analysis.

For more information, please see the ATES Market Potential Study StoryMap here and project brochure here.

21 Nov. 2023 - Rainproof NYC Working Group

Join Us to Rainproof NYC

Toward a Rainproof NYC – Apply Now to Join a Working Group

November 21, 2023

To prepare New York City for increased heavy rain, Rebuild by Design, One Architecture & Urbanism, the Mayor’s Office of Climate & Environmental Justice, the NYC Mayor’s Office of Housing and Recovery Operations, and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection held an open call for individuals and organizations to participate in the Rainproof NYC Working Groups.

The working groups, co-facilitated and composed of NYC agency staff and community leaders, will meet regularly from Jan.–June 2024 to address three identified impediments to successfully adapting the city to increased heavy rainfall:

  1. How can NYC shift policies and priorities to create a comprehensive plan to prepare for increasing rainfall?
  2. What does an equitable housing mobility program look like for NYC?
  3. How can we build capacity among communities, the private sector, and Community-Based Organizations to share responsibility managing increased heavy rainfall?

For more information on this ongoing initiative, check out Rebuild by Design’s Rainproof NYC Working Groups webpage.

16 Nov. 2023 - Zaan IJ - Increasing welfare through design

Zaan IJ – Increasing welfare through design

November 16, 2023

The Regional Deal of Zaan IJ – Long Term Design Assignments project has been finalized. ONE, in collaboration with &flux and MUZUS worked with several stakeholders to analyze, prioritize and locate spatial and social measures to support long-term design assignments and increase welfare in the socially and economically weaker neighborhoods within the Zaan IJ region.

The main advice is to always combine a spatial measure and a social measure and to integrate long-term design assignments with short-term social outcomes by linking measures to existing projects in the pipe-line.The directors of the Regional Deal chose two focused and concise ‘Green Measure Clusters’ to be implemented with the financial support of the Regional Deal. The principles and outcomes of this project will be taken on board for all the projects within the new Regional Deal. 

4 Oct 2023 - Soil for Broad Welfare

“Soil as a prerequisite for broad welfare and urban development” Phase I is complete. ONE granted a second subsidy.

October 04, 2023

The first phase of the project, “Zaan IJ – Soil for Broad Welfare” is now complete. The project examines the negative effects of soil on welfare and reimagines it as a resource and opportunity for increasing broad welfare.

In collaboration with &Flux, Muzus, and Everything is Health, ONE investigated four socio-economically weaker neighborhoods in Amsterdam and Zaandam to understand the spatial and social relationships between soil and quality of life, which are often negative, and explore opportunities to build positive relations. During phase I, which took place from Nov 2022 to June 2023, ONE developed guidelines to make soil pollution guide the design decisions for transforming industrial areas into urban habitats and to treat groundwater and ecology as urban infrastructure, to create healthy soil and water storage capacity for improving the residents’ quality of life and health in existing polders.

ONE was granted a new subsidy for phase II starting in September. The research will focus on developing a toolbox of social and spatial measures to improve the relationship between soil and broad welfare, as well as a feasibility study for two projects in the existing low-lying neighborhood of Tuindorp Oostzaan and the tunnel under the highway connecting the neighborhood to Noorder IJ Plas in Amsterdam.

The subsidy is granted by the Creative Industries fund NL for the regional deal Zaan IJ.

20 Sept 2023 - EO Wijers

ONE + ARCADIS selected as a finalist in the prestigious EO Wijers competition for regional planning

September 20, 2023

The EO Wijers competition is known as a driver of  innovative spatial design projects in the Netherlands. ONE, along with its partner, Arcadis focused on a multifold strategy towards a sustainable and resilient landscape, economy and ecosystem in the Achterhoek region in the Netherlands. We are looking forward to the announcements from the regional jury on the 25th of September and the national jury on the 12th of October. Meanwhile, the team is already discussing the next steps with regional administrators and entrepreneurs to help steer the spatial guidelines for the region.

More information about the competition can be found here and ONE’s proposal here.

2 Aug 2023 Houston Neighborhood Resilience Plans

Houston Neighborhood Resilience Plans

August 2, 2023

The first three Neighborhood Resilience Plans have been posted online for review. Houston’s Neighborhood Resilience Planning aims to implement 50 neighborhood plans by 2030, a key target of the citywide resilience plan, Resilient Houston. Since January 2022, the Planning and Development Department have been working with the Department of Housing and Community Planning, the Mayor’s Office of Resilience and the ONE team to guide the first three communities, all still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, in creating their own plans. This effort has now generated a Neighborhood Resilience Plan for each of the three pilot neighborhoods, and established a replicable framework for other neighborhoods to follow in creating their own resilience plans.

The plans are the result of thorough research, extensive community input, and careful consideration of both present and future needs. The plans make recommendations for people-based and placed-based strategies and actions to improve neighborhood resilience in the face of flooding, extreme weather, health, and environmental emergencies. The plan also identifies opportunities for risk mitigation, economic growth, infrastructure upgrades, and local community empowerment. You can view and download the plan directly from the City of Houston’s website:

East Houston


Independence Heights

Coastal Resilience Solutions for East Boston and Charlestown Phase II Final Report Released

August 17, 2022

Join ONE Associate Justine Shapiro-Kline for CALE session on Hurricane Maria recovery efforts and more

July 25, 2022

Join ONE’s Justine Shapiro-Kline this Thursday in dialogue with Alejandra Castrodad-Rodríguez from and Francisco Rodríguez-Fraticelli from Coalición de Coaliciones Pro Personas Sin Hogar de Puerto Rico on Hurricane Maria recovery efforts & future opportunities to build social equity, community livability & climate adaptation.

Find more information about the session and registration here.

The first section of the East Side Coastal Resiliency project now complete

July 22, 2022

The first section of the East Side Coastal Resiliency project is now complete with the reopening of the Asser Levy Playground, equipped with 320 feet of floodwall, a 79-foot-long sliding floodgate, resilient play structures, and flood protection systems integrated into the urban landscape.

The ESCR project is the first major urban resilience project of its kind in the US, providing coastal protection for 100,000+ residents of the East Village and Lower East Side via an integrated 2.4-mile system of elevated parklands, floodwalls, and movable flood gates.

In collaboration with AKRF, MNLA, Bjarke Ingels Group, Jacobs, and Arcadis, ONE focused on the architectural design of the flood protection system and its integration with the city fabric.

Additionally, ONE has been working with Hazen and Sawyer on the installation of the two interceptor gates, leading the architectural design of the buildings which hold the equipment necessary to operate the underground gates.

Read more about the announcement here.

Book Release: Managing the Climate Crisis

July 13, 2022

Island Press, co-authored by ONE’s Matthijs Bouw and Jonathan Barnett (UPenn Weitzman School of Design), discusses a comprehensive look at actionable and practical measures to address the seven major climate threats of our time.

For more information on the book, follow this link.

Toward a Rainproof NYC Report released

July 7, 2022

We are thrilled to share the release of Rebuild by Design and ONE’s new report: Toward a Rainproof NYC, an integrated plan to address future flood risk by investing in green infrastructure, starting with our most vulnerable communities, and prioritizing co-benefits.

Read the full report here.

Final Report for the Financial District and Seaport Climate Resilience Master Plan released

January 21, 2021

We are grateful to have had worked closely with New York City Economic Development Corporation as part of a fantastic team of consultants led by Arcadis to develop a cohesive vision for the future of Lower Manhattan—Financial District and Seaport Climate Resilience Master Plan.

Learn more about the recently released Financial District and Seaport Climate Resilience Master Plan at the official website and ONE project page.

Architect’s Newspaper’s Best of Design 2021 print edition arrives

January 8, 2022

The print edition of The Architect’s Newspaper’s Best of Design 2021 Issue has arrived!
We are honored and grateful to be named as the winner of the Best of Practice Award—Urban Planning for the Northeast.

Read its digital edition and discover amazing designers across the North American continent and beyond.

Governor Kathy Hochul announces the Inter-Borough Express

January 6, 2022

Today, Governor Kathy Hochul announced the Inter-Borough Express. It’s time to re-up the plan we made with Only If — for Regional Plan Association for the concept 4 years ago!

“Re-conceptualizing existing right-of-way and adjacent spaces, the new Triboro Corridor would create a 24-mile long linear park and greenway, anchored by a new passenger rail line and a bike “superhighway.” stitching together underserved regions of the outer boroughs. The multi-layered schematic includes an integrated stormwater management system, fed by the adjacent street networks. Combining large catalytic projects with smaller organic development, the Triboro Line generates capacity across the outer boroughs for the growth of regional affordable housing while keeping local value creation.”

Read more about the Triboro Corridor here.

ONE presents at Shenzhen Design Week 2021

December 24, 2021

We are honored to be part of the 2021 Shenzhen Design Week (SZDW), “Design as Solution,” which opens on December 25 and until January 3 at Shenye Upper Hill.

ONE will present at the “Design Resilience” section, curated by Mr. Xiaodu Liu. Among five sub-themes for this year’s SZDW: Design Resilience, Design Fusion, Design China Cool, Design Horizon, and Design Utility, “Design Resilience” focuses on promoting green & low-carbon lifestyle, sustainable development, and resilient urban system. It explores how urban infrastructure, schools, and hospitals could evolve and adapt to provide more resilient solutions for the future.

Happy Holidays from ONE!

December 23, 2021

We are filled with gratitude as we look back on this year, now coming to a close. Despite the ongoing challenges and transitions, we were able to advance our core values and develop new strengths thanks to your trust, support, and love.

As we plan for the new year, we are committed to pressing on our vision for building a more resilient and equitable future.

We send you best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and prosperous year of 2022!

Introducing Lot Locher, our International Director for Climate!

December 20, 2021

We are thrilled to introduce Lot Locher, our International Director for Climate! At ONE, Lot combines her experience of setting up programs and initiating public-private networks with practical design experience in climate and water projects (e.g., cloudburst resilience, heat, drought, and floodproof and sustainable urban development).

Living with her family in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, she enjoys the city’s cultural diversity and its surrounding water for swimming and sailing. Hiking in the mountains give her a different perspective on the world.

Read more about Lot and her experience prior to joining ONE via our team page.

Final Report for the Nantucket Coastal Resilience Plan Released

December 13, 2021

We are delighted to share the Final Report of Town of Nantucket’s first Coastal Resilience Plan!

Over the past year, the interdisciplinary team of consultants worked with the Town and County to develop a roadmap for building island-wide resilience.

Read the Full Report here.

Join ONE Associate Justine Shapiro-Kline for CALE session on Climate and Equity

December 9, 2021

Join ONE Associate Justine Shapiro-Kline and CALE (Community Adaptation Learning Exchange) tomorrow at 4pm ET for a session on climate communications and equitable community planning, featuring a presentation by EcoAmerica‘s Path to Positive Communities program director Deneine C. Powell.

Find more information about the session and registration here.

Building with Nature Webinar Week at Penn

December 1, 2021

Starting next Monday begins a week-long Building with Nature webinar series at the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design, every day at noon ET.

ONE founding principal and Penn Professor of Practice Matthijs Bouw will be moderating presentation and discussions on the work featured in our recent publication, Building with Nature: Creating, Implementing, and Upscaling Nature-based Solutions (Rotterdam: Nai010publishers, 2020),  co-developed with EcoShape.

For more information & registration here.

Join us for Open Space + Connectivity Planning Workshop in Geneva, NY!

December 2, 2021

Join ONE Associate Justine Shapiro-Kline this Friday afternoon from 4 pm at the City of Geneva Open Space + Connectivity Planning Workshop! We are looking forward to exploring alternatives for reconnecting East Lakeview to the lakefront along the Routes 5&20 corridor.

More information about the workshop is available here.

Architect’s Newspaper ‘s Inaugural award for Best of Practice — Urban Planning trophy came in!

October 25, 2021

Our trophy from The Architect’s Newspaper for the inaugural award for Best of Practice – Urban Planning for the Northeast has arrived!!

We are committed to laying the groundwork for more resilient places and equitable communities, advancing the roles of designers in this crucial moment of our time.

Find the full list of 2021 Best of Practice winners here.

ONE Associate Justine Shapiro-Kline speaks at the AIA New York panel on Living with Trash

October 25, 2021

Join ONE Associate Justine Shapiro-Kline tomorrow for “Wast(ED): Living with Trash” at AIA New York | Center for Architecture!
Justine will be speaking as part of the 2nd panel: From Recycling to Upcycling, exploring opportunities to reposition waste as opportunity in urban systems & space.

This event is organized by AIA New York | Center for ArchitecturePratt Institute Graduate Architecture and Urban Design program (GAUD), New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Hillier Collage of Architecture and Design, and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM).

For more information & registration, visit the event webpage.

ONE Associate Justine Shapiro-Kline facilitates CALE session on communicating and visualizing climate impacts through creative media

October 18, 2021

Tune in this Thursday for another exciting Community Adaptation Learning Exchange (CALE) session, “Seeing Climate: Communicating & Visualizing Change in Public Space,” facilitated by ONE Associate Justine Shapiro-Kline.

This session will focus on how to communicate climate impacts through creative media, such as site-specific installations and participatory public art.

Registration & full details available here.

The Big U tour with graduate journalism students at CUNY

October 13, 2021

A look into the Big U tour with amazing students from Emily Laber-Warren‘s journalism class from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY!

ONE Principal Travis Bunt gave a guided walking tour on the three compartments of Big U: East Side Coastal Resiliency, Brooklyn Bridge-Montgomery Coastal Resiliency, and the Financial District and Seaport Climate Resilience Master Plan.

Building with Nature Exhibition in Shenzhen extends through mid October

October 13, 2021

If you missed it last month… ONE and LOLA Landscape Architects‘ collaborative exhibition in Shenzhen, “Changing Climate: Living and Building with Nature,” has been extended through October 18!

+ This link will take you on a virtual tour of the exhibition!

Matthijs Bouw featured in PennToday article on rethinking resilience

October 4, 2021

Hurricane Ida once again revealed before us the urgency to reimagine resilience in the face of climate change.

Read more about the need to rethink resilience from this article by PennToday, where four researchers, including ONE founding principal Matthijs Bouw, share their views and projects on these efforts.

Mithun+ONE team joins the Sea2City Design Challenge with the City of Vancouver

September 24, 2021

We are excited to announce that the Mithun+ONE team has kicked off the Sea2City Design Challenge!

We look forward to collaborating with the City of Vancouver and False Creek community members to develop nature-based adaptation approaches in respond to climate change and sea-level rise.

Read more about the Sea2City Design Challenge here.
(Image via Sea2City Design Challenge, City of Vancouver)

Matthijs speaks at the “Healthy Cities” conversations

September 23, 2021

Tomorrow on Thursday, Sept 23 at 12:00 PM ET, join us for “Healthy Cities” conversations organized by the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York with speakers from the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, Superuse Studios, and ONE.

Our Founding Principal Matthijs Bouw will discuss perspectives and projects on district-scale innovations for air and water quality improvement and energy transition.

For more information & registration, please visit the event page here.

Matthijs contributes to “An Anthology of Ideas After Hurricane Ida” published by Rebuild by Design

September 22, 2021

Thank you Rebuild by Design for putting together “An Anthology of Ideas After Hurricane Ida,” inviting ONE founding principal Matthijs Bouw among many other experts to share reflections and discuss bold actions that must be taken NOW to build/rebuild our cities.

“We need to undo and repair at a massive scale to mitigate these impacts, at a speed much greater than with which our cities were built.” – Matthijs Bouw

Matthijs’ essay “Past is Prologue” is available here.

“Design for a Changing Climate: living and building with nature” exhibition opens at Cube Station in Shenzhen

September 13, 2021

We thank all of you who joined us at the opening reception and panel discussion for ONE and LOLA Landscape Architects‘ co-curated exhibition: Design for a Changing Climate: living and building with nature.

The exhibition invites you to reflect upon the immediacy of climate change and introduces an overview of ONE and LOLA’s long-standing research and practice of building with nature as an attempt to provide systematic, sustainable, and integrated solutions in addressing the urgent crisis of our time.

It is on view at Vanke Design Community, B612 Cube Station in Shenzhen through the end of this month (9/30.)

Not in Shenzhen? Online virtual tour for the exhibition is available here.

Join us for the community engagement event for Open Space & Community Strategy Planning Geneva, NY

September 10, 2021

ONE is excited to be collaborating with the City of Geneva, NY and team members AKRFJoy Kuebler Landscape Architect, and Lu Engineers on Open Space & Connectivity Strategy Planning for its North End Brownfield Opportunity Area.

Built around manufacturing and industrial uses, the North End neighborhoods face challenges of vacancy and disinvestment. Over the course of the next year, the project will develop schematic design concepts and open space investment proposals to address the neighborhood’s physical fragmentation and isolation by rail lines, lack of greenways, and lack of access to the lakefront, downtown, and regional trails. These Open Space and Connectivity priorities are essential complements to the City’s overall BOA and related strategies for development of its numerous brownfield sites.

The project is supported by the New York State Department of State with funds provided under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.

Resilience by Design Metropolitan Region Amsterdam project nominated as Lighthouse Award finalist

September 8, 2021

We are so honored that Lighthouse Club Nederland has selected the Resilience by Design Metropoolregio Amsterdam project as one of the finalists for Lighthouse Award 2021, acknowledging its innovative solutions to the climate and water challenges for the built environment.

+ Thank you Metropoolregio Amsterdam and the ONE Resilient Team: SMARTLAND landscape architectsArcadisOver MorgenDRIFT for transition, Climate Adaptation Partners, Simon Richter and various centers at the University of Pennsylvania.

Read more about the nomination here.

The inaugural Big U bike tour

August 27, 2021

Last Friday, on August 20, ONE held the inaugural Big U bike tour. Starting from the north tip of the Battery Park City Esplanade, we biked along the lower Manhattan’s waterfront and up to the 25th street Asser Levy Playground.

Since the Big U proposal from the 2014 Rebuild by Design competition, two compartments of the plan have moved into implementation, including the East Side Coastal Resiliency (ESCR) project that has broken ground recently and the Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency (LMCR) project, which laid the foundation for the Financial District-Seaport Climate Resilience Master Plan and the Brooklyn-Montgomery Coastal Resiliency (BMCR) project, and more.

Special thanks to Ericka Song and Doug Breuer for organizing and curating the tour! + Stay tuned for more updates to come : )

Join us at the World Water Week!

August 26, 2021

Tomorrow at 8-9 GMT, join us at the World Water Week to learn about pioneering Nature-based Solutions initiatives in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

ONE associate Justine Shapiro-Kline will introduce our ongoing work in the Vietnam Mekong Delta, a collaborative project with World Wide FundEcoShape, and Royal HaskoningDHV

Learn more about the event “Ambitious nature-based solutions are the key to accelerating adaptation” here.

Book Review: A Blueprint for Coastal Adaptation by THE DIRT / ASLA

August 19, 2021

Thank you Kristina Hill for the insightful review on “A Blueprint for Coastal Adaptation: Uniting Design, Economics, and Policy” (Edited by Carolyn Kousky, Billy Fleming, and Alan M. Berger. Island Press, 2021) at THE DIRT / American Society of Landscape Architects. We are honored to contribute to a chapter where our founding principal Matthijs Bouw shares the lessons learned from ONE’s practice, designing for resilience in US cities. (Illustration: Climate Change and Learning Curve / ONE)

Read the review here.

2021 August NYC Highlights Newsletter

August 10, 2021

We just sent out the August Newsletter with NYC Highlights, featuring the most recent news about the East Side Coastal Resiliency construction, Brooklyn Bridge-Montgomery Coastal Resiliency, FiDi-Seaport Climate Resilience Master Plan, Resilient Northeastern New Jersey, and more.

Not (yet) a subscriber? You can also read it here.

New Clark City becomes a reality

July 29, 2021

We are happy to see the New Clark City River Park concept we’ve developed with Level Infrastructure, the BCDA Group, and Asian Development Bank (ADB) become a reality. (Photos via BCDA news)

The New Clark City River Park follows the natural flow of the Cutcut River and uses Nature-based Solutions to mitigate flooding and increase biodiversity.

Read more about the New Clark City here.

Join us for the Resilient Northeastern New Jersey Community Meeting #2

July 27, 2021

Resilient Northeastern New Jersey project team has been working on a toolkit of strategies to reduce flood risk in Jersey City, Newark, Hoboken & Bayonne.

Join us tomorrow for Community Meeting #2 in two sessions (4-6 PM, 6-8 PM) to share your input to advance the regional action plan and help guide strategy development.

RSVP & More information here.

Introducing ONE Summer Interns!

July 14, 2021

ONE welcomes four amazing people who join us for the summer: Noshin Kahn, Randy Lo, Ryan Alexander, and Jari Prachasartta.

We are so excited and lucky to have them on the team. Learn more about each of them via our Instagram!

ONE wins the AN’s Best of Practice Award – Urban Planning for the Northeast

June 29, 2021

We are so honored to receive The Architect’s Newspaper’s inaugural award for “Best of Practice – Urban Planning” for the Northeast!

We are committed to laying the groundwork for more resilient places and equitable communities, advancing the roles of designers in this crucial moment of our time.

Find the full list of 2021 Best of Practice winners here.

A video component of a multi-sensory installation “Sliding Doors” is now available to view online

June 25, 2021

At the recent exhibition in the Polestar Space Amsterdam, ONE illustrated how one of the busy traffic arteries in the City could be transformed into a pleasant park street for the residents!

Learn more about the work & watch the full video here. (Sound on!)

Virtual Open House for the FiDi-Seaport Climate Resilience Plan

June 24, 2021

Join us next week at the FiDi-Seaport Climate Resilience Plan’s Virtual Open House to learn more about the plan and discuss the challenges and opportunities in protecting the neighborhoods from climate change.

The meeting will be held twice:
– Monday, June 28, 6-8PM EDT
– Wednesday, June 30, 4-6PM EDT

We look forward to hearing from you about your vision for the future of Lower Manhattan!

Even details & RSVP here.

Resilient Northeastern New Jersey Community Meeting on Wednesday

June 22, 2021

Save the date! The first community meetings for Resilient Northeastern NJ will be Wednesday, June 23rd. 4-6 PM: dial-in option. 6-8 PM virtual meeting. Let us know if you plan to join by phone by calling 201-398-4333 or register for the virtual meeting here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you on flood experience in the region! Join the discussion and help us shape regional plans to address current and future flooding risks.

ONE exhibits a multi-sensory art installation envisioning the future of emission-free Amsterdam

June 1, 2021

How can electric vehicles play a role in climate mitigation of inner cities?

At the Polestar Space Amsterdam, you can see (and hear!) our vision on emission-free Amsterdam, as well as from our respected colleagues VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism and Max Tuinman.

“Amsterdam 2030, by Polestar”
On view through June 18, 2021
at Polestar Space, Van Baerlestraat 2-4, 1071 AW Amsterdam

Find more information about the exhibition here.
(Photos: Sliding Doors by One Architecture, by @Polestarcars)

ONE Houston Associate Dalia speaks at the ULI TAP event

May 27, 2021

Join our Houston associate Dalia Munenzon TODAY at 2:30PM ET for Urban Land Institute Houston’s Technical Assistance Panel.

Along with many other great panelists, Dalia will speak about strategic recommendations on how the City can help accelerate the implementation of building cooling strategies.

More information & Registration link available here.

Matthijs at the Landscape and Climate Adaptation webinar

May 19, 2021

Matthijs will be speaking today at 10:30 AM ET at the “Landscape and Climate Adaptation” webinar about our recent project Resilience by Design Metropoolregio Amsterdam

More information about the webinar and the recording from the webinar will be available here.

Matthijs talks about his vision on climate change and design process in Rijnboutt No.12

May 6, 2021

“They are separate projects that are more manageable, have a human scale, and pose less risk so you can make integral plans.”

In Rijnboutt magazine No.12, our founding principal Matthijs Bouw discusses the design process as a beaded necklace.

Read the full article (in Dutch) here.

Building with Nature book in Landscape Architecture Korea May issue

May 4, 2021

We thank Landscape Architecture Korea (환경과 조경) for introducing our Building with Nature book in their May issue No.397! 

Read more about the Building with Nature research and the book here.

(Cover & Inner page: ©Landscape Architecture Korea)

Matthijs Bouw at the Adaptation Community Webinar

April 28, 2021

Join our founding principal Matthijs Bouw this Friday at 9:00 AM CET for a webinar on how Ecosystem-based Adaptation can improve climate resilience for water-related infrastructure, organized by Adaptation Community

Matthijs will talk about opportunities and enablers for scaling Nature-based Solutions for adaptation in the infrastructure sector. Join the webinar through this link.

Climate Ready East Boston & Charlestown Phase II Open House

April 27, 2021

Join us this Thursday at 6 PM ET for the first Climate Ready East Boston & Charlestown Phase II Open House! With the team: Arcadis, Sasaki, NOAH (Neighborhood of Affordable Housing), Woods Hole Group, ONE has been continuing the study to develop coastal resilience solutions for the neighborhood.

More information about the event & Registration can be found here.
+ Check out this video that outlines the project overview.

Resilient MA Action Team (RMAT)’s Climate Resilience Design Standards Tool is now live!

April 23, 2021

We were happy to work for the Resilient MA Action Team (RMAT), an inter-agency state project that aims to drive and support the implementation of resilience standards and guidelines across the Commonwealth agencies and the capital planning process.

Check out RMAT’s Climate Resilience Design Standards Tool (beta) here.

Houston Associate Dalia Munenzon at the AIA Houston event, “Designing for Impact”

April 23, 2021

Our Houston Associate Dalia Munenzon will join tomorrow, April 24, at 10:00 AM CDT, for the Magnolia Park and the Manchester design team at the “Designing for Impact,” presented by AIA Houston and National Organization of Minority Architects  in partnership with City of Houston‘s Complete Communities initiative, in presenting their proposal to the communities. 

More information about the event & Registration:

Every Day is Earth Day!

April 22, 2021

Today marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, and every day is Earth Day!
Earth Day Live will begin at 12:00 PM ET at EARTHDAY.ORG.

On this Earth Day 2021, we are celebrating the publication of our guidebook to Building with Nature and looking back on a series of essays and print features released over the past year that explore different mechanisms for creating more earth-friendly urbanism.

Read our newsletter here:

East Side Coastal Resiliency project construction begins

April 15, 2021

Today, the East Side Coastal Resiliency (ESCR) project—The first compartment of the BIG U design to move into implementation and the first major urban resilience project of its kind in the United States—broke ground!

Once constructed, ESCR will protect the communities of over 110,000 residents and a 2.4-mile section of coastline along the East River. In the re-envisioned East River Park, flood protection elements and landscape improvements are designed to heighten the quality of life, improve park access and amenities public spaces while preserving existing recreation capacity.

We thank NYC DDC, NYC EDC, NYC DPR, NYC DoT, NYC DCP, and the team AKRF, BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, MNLA, Arcadis, Jacobs, and SiteWorks Landscape Architecture, as well as  Rebuild by Design, Henk Ovink, James Lima Planning + Development, Green Shield Ecology Inc, AEA Consulting, Level Infrastructure, and Buro Happold.

Resilient Northeastern New Jersey effort publicly launches the project website

April 13, 2021

ONE has been working with team members Arcadis, SCAPE, Sam Schwartz Engineering, InGroup, Inc., Irys, and HGA to support the Resilient Northeastern New Jersey project and build a climate adaptation strategy for long-term social, environmental, and economic resilience. We are excited to collaborate with state and local governments, community organizations, and stakeholders.

Resilient NENJ effort launched the project website and social media to share the project progress and gain community inputs. Do you live or work in the region? Have you experienced flooding? Please share your thoughts and experience with us and sign up to receive project updates here:

Travis Bunt on Global Resilience Partnership’s Incubator Process

April 8, 2021

We thank Global Resilience Partnership and its Water Window Challenge program for guiding us to turn concepts into our first Building with Nature pilot project in Tacloban, Philippines. 

In the recent GRP Partner blog post about GRP’s Incubator Process, ONE Principal Travis Bunt explains how the incubator helped to leverage its knowledge and the network to develop strategies for scaling, not only for the original GRP work but also for ONE’s continued efforts in Southeast Asia. 

Watch this mini-interview where Travis discusses the project more in detail.
(Image: Global Resilience Partnership)

Matthijs Bouw at the AIANY | Center for Architecture event: “Fight or Flight? Rethinking the Urban Footprint”

March 31, 2021

ONE’s founding principal Matthijs Bouw will be speaking tomorrow 4/1 at 6 PM ET for the final session of “Fight or Flight? Rethinking the Urban Footprint” at AIA New York | Center for Architecture.

The series has been addressing how the urgency of climate change requires design professionals to rethink the built environment. The final session will recap previous programs and will serve a call to action.

More information about the event & registration link available here.

(Image: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza, via AIANY)

Matthijs Bouw at “The Case for Nature-Based Solutions” at Kleinman Center for Energy Policy

March 22, 2021

Join ONE’s founding principal Matthijs Bouw this Thursday, March 25 at 12:00 PM EDT for “The Case for Nature-Based Solutions” — a panel discussion organized by Kleinman Center for Energy Policy.

Matthijs will be moderating the discussion among three experts— Nathalie Seddon, Monica A. Altamirano, PhD, Carolyn Kousky—exploring the implementation of Nature-Based Solutions to mitigate climate change and help achieve climate neutrality goals.

Matthijs Bouw speaks at the Future of the NYC Waterfront event

February 19, 2021

Join Matthijs Bouw and six panelists on Monday, 2/22, at the final event of the Future of the NYC Waterfront series organized by AIA New York, Center for Architecture: “New York City’s Waterfront: Reflecting + Projecting.” 

The panel discussion will reflect takeaways and lessons learned from the past events & the NYC Department of City Planning will provide an update on NYC’s Next Comprehensive Waterfront Plan.

The event registration is available here.

Weitzman School News features the Building with Nature book

February 15, 2021

University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design recently featured in their News blog and the newsletter our Building with Nature Book. 

Discover at the Weitzman News blog an excerpt from Matthijs Bouw’s essay “Learning from Place” and take a sneak peek at the Building with Nature landscapes, systems, and concepts illustrated by One Architecture.

ONE Shenzhen satellite office

January 24, 2021

A hello from Shenzhen! — where we’ve recently opened a satellite office, co-located with our friends LCC at OCT Loft.

We’re looking forward to many fruitful collaborations as we grow our Asia practice.

ONE at Climate Adaptation Summit 2021

January 22, 2021

Join us next week at the online international Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021 on January 25 and 26! During this two-day conference:

will be featured in many anchoring and side events.

ONE’s founding principal Matthijs Bouw will be also speaking about ONE’s work in New Clark City at “How can Nature-based Solution can be a Priority in a Post-pandemic Recovery in Developing Countries?”

Register today and learn more about the Summit here.

ONE opens a new satellite office in Houston

January 21, 2021

We are delighted to announce ONE’s new office opening in Houston, Texas! Dalia Munenzon, our Associate, will be managing ONE Houston office.

Reaching South, we hope to be swiftly attuned to the regional projects and working more closely with the community. Stay tuned!

A+U Magazine on Bicycle Urbanism features ONE’s projects for NYC to show how we must rethink our streets for resilience

January 7, 2021

A+U Magazine’s January feature on “Bicycle Urbanism — Re-mobility and Transforming cities” includes ONE’s article to address how we must rethink our streets for resilience. 

Our essay, “The Grid and The Greenway” explores the inseparable linkages between climate change and our transportation corridors. This research extends lessons learned from our work in New York City (The cross-town greenway: rethinking 106th street and the 4th regional plan: Triboro Corridor), exploring methods of data analysis, new street typologies, and bicycle superhighways. 

Special thanks to A+U publishing for the opportunity and our clients and collaborators that inspired this work: NYC Parks, RPA, Only-if, Starr Whitehouse, Langan Engineering.

Read more about the A+U feature here.

Matthijs Bouw speaks at 2020Visions The New City conference

December 3, 2020

ONE’s Matthijs Bouw will be speaking on Friday, December 4th at 8:00 PM ET in the “Future Cities: Inspirational Sustainability” discussion with architect Vanessa Keith, covering visionary projects to leapfrog over current social challenges and move us into the future.

The event is part of the 2020VisionsThe New City Conference: a virtual conference taking place on December 3-5, which offers a chance to deeply re-imagine what our urban spaces might be — for now, and for the future.

The conference is hosted by 2020Visions and Union Theological Seminary. Registration is available here.

Matthijs Bouw moderates a panel discussion “Fighting the Flood”

December 1, 2020

On December 1st at 6:00 PM ET, ONE’s founding principal Matthijs Bouw will be moderating a panel discussion, “Fighting the Flood” organized by New Amsterdam History Center, where three panelists: Pippa Brashear from SCAPE studio, Daniel Vasini from West 8, and Edgar Westerhof from Arcadis will discuss New York’s innovative approaches to its climate change challenges. 

The recording of the event will be available from December 3rd on the NAHC website.

(Image: New Amsterdam History Center, with permission)

Final Proposals release for Resilience by Design: Metropoolregio Amsterdam

November 12, 2020

Throughout 2020, our New York and Amsterdam office have been closely collaborating on Resilience by Design: Metropoolregio Amsterdam, leading ONE Resilient Team [with Smartland, Arcadis, OverMorgen, Drift, Climate Adaptation Partners, and various centers at the University of Pennsylvania.] Since March, the team has advanced with its analysis of climate impacts, stressors, and thresholds to identify areas of opportunity for planning and design to embed climate adaptation in the urban space of the Metropoolregio Amsterdam (MRA.) For the selected sites as a result of the study—Beverwijk, Haarlem, Haven-Stad, and Almere—the team developed strategies and demonstration projects to solidify climate adaptation as a ‘normal’ part of integrated investment decisions now and in the future within the region.

The final RBD proposals were presented to the stakeholders on Nov. 5 and on Nov.12 at Deltaconference, and already serve as climate-adaptive inputs for the implementation program and investment agenda of the MRA’s ‘Urbanization Strategy’ for 2050 and beyond.

The final report presented by ONE Resilient Team is available here.

ONE selected to participate in the first phase of Luxembourg in Transition

November 7, 2020

ONE’s multidisciplinary team led by AWP was selected to participate in the just announced “Luxembourg in Transition,” urban-architectural and landscape consultation to develop strategic spatial planning proposals and produce “toward 2050” ecological transition scenarios for Luxembourg.

The selected teams will develop visionary and effective tools, methods and devices through interdisciplinary collaboration with the Luxembourg functional region to address climate change, citizens’ quality of life, and biodiversity.

Climate Ready Downtown Boston and North End final report release

October 27, 2020

ONE has been working with Stoss Landscape Urbanism, Kleinfelder, Arcadis, Woods Hole Group to finalize the report for Coastal Resilience Solutions for Downtown Boston and North End. The Downtown and North End district plan is one of the five neighborhood projects identified in the 2016 Climate Ready Boston.

The report will be released on Tuesday, October 29th at Noon, along with another climate resilient report for Dorchester. Please join us for the presentation & discussion on the two reports and celebrate together.

The event is hosted by Greenovate Boston. More information and registration available here.

Water As Leverage Program wins the Dutch Design Awards 2020

October 26, 2020

Water As Leverage for Resilient Cities Asia program is the winner of the Dutch Design Awards 2020 in the ‘Best Commissioning’ category. The announcement was made on October 24, during the DDA Award Show Live, following the interview with Henk Ovink, the Netherlands Special Envoy for International Water Affairs.

For the Dutch government-led Water As Leverage challenge, ONE assembled an interdisciplinary, international team of designers, engineers, economists, ecologists, anthropologists, art activists, and academics and developed an integrated vision to address water-related risks and opportunities in the City of Semarang, Indonesia.

Read more about the Semarang project here.

Dutch consuls visit Moakley Park

October 9, 2020

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the US, Netherlands Consul General & team in NYC, Netherlands in Boston(Innovation Attaché Network in Boston) visited Moakley Park and discussed the Moakley Park Vision Plan, a long-term resilience plan to increase the neighborhood’s resilience against coastal flooding and meet the needs for outdoor recreational activities and community gathering.

Together with Stoss Landscape Urbanism, Weston & Sampson, HR&A Advisors, Nitsch Engineering, ONE is working on the implementation phase of the Vision Plan as part of the Climate Ready Boston Initiative.

EcoShape: Book of Concepts launches at the Climate Adaptation Summit

October 22, 2020

The book launch event for Building with Nature: Creating, Implementing and Upscaling Nature-based Solutions (nai 010 publishers), a new publication co-edited by EcoShape and ONE, took place on October 22 at the Climate Adaptation Summit in Amsterdam. The book focuses on six landscape modules: sandy coasts, muddy coasts, lowland lakes, rivers and estuaries, cities, and ports, investing the physical and biological composition and connects each of the six landscapes to underlying ecological, social, political and economic systems.

Take a sneak peek at the Building with Nature Landscape, Pilot Projects, Stories, Concepts, and Enablers at EcoShape’s website here.

Matthijs Bouw joins a panel for ‘Planning for All—Integrating Spatial Planning and Design with Society’

October 1, 2020

On October 2nd, ONE’s founding principal Matthijs Bouw will be joining a panel for ‘Planning for All—Integrating Spatial Planning and Design with Society,’ a debate/discussion as part of ‘The New Planning Dialogue’ series organized by Vereniging Deltametropool in close collaboration with Rijksuniversitet Groningen.

Panels will discuss the changing roles of spatial planning and design and the challenges in capacities faced by planners and designers. Find more information about the event here.

Design with Risk: Matthijs Bouw at the Arkitekturdagarna 2020 in Malmö

September 1, 2020

Arkitekturdagarna 2020 will be taking place in Malmö, Sweden, on September 1-2. Throughout the dates, there will be lectures, seminars, and panel discussions around the future of architecture.

ONE’s founding principal Matthijs Bouw will talk about “Design with Risk,” how the profession is changing in relation to risks that are coming with climate adaptation. The talk will be in English, and all the events will be live-streamed here.

Matthijs Bouw speaks at the “Water As Leverage for Sustainable Development” online forum during Shenzhen Design Week

August 25, 2020

ONE’s founding principal Matthijs Bouw will speak at the “Water As Leverage for Sustainable Development” during Shenzhen Design Week 2020. In this 4-day online forum, panels will discuss Dutch water governance and practice, and how design can address the water & climate challenges of Shenzhen.

Matthijs will discuss the historical water legacy of the Netherlands, its contemporary international engagement, and recent experiences in the Shenzhen design sector, and how this knowledge to be positioned within the Shenzhen context.

More information about the forum is available here.

Vision Plan for a Resilient Harlem honored with 2020 ASLA NY Merit Award

July 14, 2020

On July 14th, the New York chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA NY) held their annual awards ceremony (remotely, of course). ONE, Starr Whitehouse, and NYC Parks were jointly honored for their work in East Harlem with a 2020 ASLA NY Merit Award.

The 2018-19 study had been commissioned by NYC Parks and the Mayor’s Office of Resiliency. ONE and Starr Whitehouse co-led a multidisciplinary team to develop a vision framework and recommendations for coastal protection, stormwater management, urban heat island strategies, and social resilience for the East Harlem neighborhood, Upper Manhattan. The result, ‘A Vision Plan for a Resilient East Harlem,’ is a comprehensive plan for adaptation to climate change impacts through an integrated approach weaving various issues around, within a larger framework for open space and increased social resilience.

Landscape Architecture Korea features “Water as Leverage: Semarang”

June 30, 2020

Water As Leverage: Semarang has recently been featured in the 2020 June issue of Landscape Architecture Korea magazine.

ONE Resilient Semarang team developed a city-wide, integrated vision spanning from the region’s coast to its hilly urban periphery. The proposal puts forth potential interventions with multiple benefits centered around eco-industrial clusters, water security, resilience communities, and a protective coastal greenbelt.

Since the delivery of the final program proposals in mid-2019, ONE and Kota Kita have continued working with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Indonesian government entities on capacity building, integration and adoption of concepts, and (ultimately) a series of targeted infrastructure investments.

Imagine the Wall, Charleston: Response to the USACE’s study has been released

June 25, 2020

Imagine the Wall, Charleston is a collaborative proposal by ONE, Biohabitats, DesignWorks, Applied Technology & Management (ATM), Curtis Cravens Consulting, and John Nettles Art.

Responding to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ “Charleston Peninsula Coastal Flood Risk Management Study,” it proposes a vision for a series of interconnected, Nature-based Solutions to protect the Charleston peninsula from storm surge, adapt to rising sea levels and reduce flooding from stormwater.

Read more about the project here.

Founding Principal Matthijs Bouw speaks about Climate Adaptation Projects and Lesson Learned

June 22, 2020

ONE’s founding principal Matthijs Bouw, Associate Professor of Practice and McHarg Center Fellow for Risk and Resilience for the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design, gave a lecture on ONE’s Climate Adaptation Projects and Lesson Learned as part of From the Rooftops lecture series. From the Rooftops is a virtual lecture series hosted by the Department of Landscape Architecture at the Weitzman School of Design.

The lecture is available on view here.

New Publication on Building with Nature launches during the Climate Summit Week this October

June 11, 2020

Drawing upon lessons learned from a decade of Building with Nature (BwN) across Europe and SouthEast Asia, EcoShape and ONE co-developed a research compendium and call to action, ‘Building with Nature Creating, Implementing, and upscaling Nature-based Solutions (nai010 publishers).’ As the editors, illustrators, and voices of BwN in this publication, ONE has been developing a catalog of concepts, linking them to their applicability in different landscapes and systems, and visualizing their benefits. The book aims to capture and process knowledge of the different BwN programs to communicate with a diverse audience, including decision-makers, professionals, scientists, and other interested groups.

Now available for pre-order here and will launch during the Climate Summit Week, October 19-23, 2020.

ONE’s Matthijs Bouw on Hackable City for “The Routledge Companion to Smart Cities”

April 15, 2020

ONE’s founding principal Matthijs Bouw co-contributed with Martijn de Waal and Michiel de Lange for a chapter on Smart City Vision — Section 2: Cities and Placemaking in the new publication “The Routledge Companion to Smart Cities (UK: Routledge, 2020).” The chapter introduces Hackable City as a collaborative city-making model for a network society. Edited by Alessandro Aurigi and Katharine S. Willis, the book provides a critical and cross-disciplinary overview of the emerging topic of smart cities and explores it from a range of theoretical and empirical viewpoints.

Find more information about the book here.

ONE Resilient Team selected for Resilience By Design: Amsterdam Metropolitan Region

March 16, 2020

ONE Resilient Team was selected by Metropoolregio Amsterdam to develop plans for multiple strategic projects for Resilience By Design: Amsterdam Metropolitan Region (RBD MRA) program. With a specific focus on the ‘built environment,’ the team will collaborate with governmental organizations, knowledge institutes, and companies in the region to provide creative and integrated solutions to the climate-adaptive area development. The results will come out in Summer 2020 and will serve as climate-adaptive input for the implementation program and investment agenda of the MRA’s ‘Urbanization Strategy’ until 2050.

The RBD MRA program’s Intro video is on view here.

Interactive Community Open House for FiDi-Seaport Climate Resilience Master Plan

February 24, 2020

Since last October, ONE has joined a team of consultants and designers to develop the FiDi-Seaport Climate Resilience Master Plan. For this two-year master planning process, the multidisciplinary team is integrating engineering, urban design, regulatory, and financial considerations into a process that will engage Lower Manhattan stakeholders toward the development, refinement, evaluation, and ultimately selection of a flood protection concept. On February 24, the Team and the City held an Interactive Community Open House to share ideas and discuss climate risks with the community, the City’s current plans, and how to work together for climate-resilient solutions for the FiDi-Seaport area.

ONE travels to Indonesia for local engagement workshops as part of the World Bank’s Urban Flood Resilience Indonesia program

January 27, 2020

Supporting the World Bank’s effort to address critical disaster resilience needs in Indonesia, ONE has partnered with Deltares, Kota Kita, and PT Wiratma to develop innovative measures incorporating structural, policy, and nature-based solutions to improve flood resilience in three pilot cities: Pontianak, Manado, and Bima. January marked the second set of four rounds of local stakeholder engagement in each city, this time focusing on particular challenges and opportunities, and brainstorming areas where risk reduction efforts might align with each city’s own urban development vision. The 10-month study began with an intensive research phase in late 2019 and will conclude in September 2020. In addition to providing advisory services and technical inputs on urban flood resilience strategies for each of the three cities, the project will offer a framework for applying parallel approaches at the regional and national scales.

“Four Corridors: Design Initiative for RPA’s Fourth Regional Plan” book released

November 26, 2019

Four corridors, or 4C, is a component of Regional Plan Association’s Fourth Regional Plan and a special initiative launched by RPA to explore the future of four specific corridors in the New York metropolitan region. In 2017, One Architecture & Urbanism (ONE) and Only If Architecture developed a design proposal “Triboro Corridor,” which suggest to dual-purpose an existing freight and intercity train lines connecting Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx with a new passenger train service. Acknowledging the dynamics of city making, their proposal also provided a “kit of parts” to maximize social benefit, civic empowerment and optimize health impacts being aware of the risk of gentrification and other implications of development along transit lines.

More information about the RPA’s Four Corridors Initiative can be found here.

ONE’s Matthijs Bouw leads Water Management session at the Blue City Red Hook Workshop

November 21, 2019

“Blue City Red Hook Workshop – Developing New York’s Floating Community” brought innovators and entrepreneurs who are passionate about driving social, environmental, and economic justice for local populations and discussed the climate-resilient development of New York’s first floating community in the Red Hook neighborhood. ONE’s Matthijs Bouw led one of the breakout sessions at the workshop and addressed the importance of sustainable and clean technologies and the equitable implementation process in Water Management. The workshop was organized by RETI Center, Gowanus Bay Terminal (GBX), Oasis, Space&Matter, ONE, Pratt Institute, Thread Collective, and NY Blue Tech.

Learn more about the workshop here.

ONE contributes to the Urban Land Institute’s Living with Heat report

November 12, 2019

The Urban Land Institute’s newly released report ‘Living with Heat’ introduces long-term urban strategies to mitigate urban heat conditions in some of the hottest areas in Boston, including Somerville, Lower Roxbury, Chelsea, and East Boston. ONE joined the Chelsea/Everette team to develop urban design solutions to the climate impact in the industrial areas of the two cities. The report is expected to help policymakers and the real estate community acknowledge the consequences of extreme heat and seek forward-thinking solutions.

Read the full report here.

ONE’s Matthijs Bouw and Dalia Munenzon speaks at the ABX 19

November 5, 2019

ONE’s founding principal Matthijs Bouw and Associate Dalia Munenzon spoke at the Architecture Boston Expo 2019 (ABX19). They shared their vision and experience on Housing + Homes, Adaptation + Preservation, and Landscape + Planning + Urbanism, further discussing what tools and implementation strategies are applicable in the Boston context.

During the two days of the Expo, they contributed to four sessions: “Future Ports: A Resilience Primer for Industrial Waterfronts,” “Transforming Boston Harbor: Resilience, Equity & Open Space,” “Reconciling Preservation and Adaptation in Downtown Boston, “New Urban Grounds: Smart Grassroots Development in Boston.”

More information about the ABX can be found here, and the ABX19 brochure is available here.

ONE joins a team of consultants to develop the FiDi and Seaport Climate Resilience Master Plan in NYC

October 1, 2019

The NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) has approved a team of 18 consultants to develop the Financial District and Seaport Climate Resilience Master Plan. The project is a two-year master planning process to protect the lower Manhattan waterfront from storm surge and rising sea level. The Seaport and FiDi are especially challenging sites due to the area’s low-lying topography and the interconnected transportation and sewage infrastructure underground. The City aims to reflect as much as input from residents through community engagement meetings and reviews. ONE is excited to be part of the team to defend the area against climate change and collaborating with the City and the community.

Read more about the project via Curbed NY article here.

Image: Max Touhey

ONE working with World Bank to conduct climate resiliency studies for cities in Indonesia

September 17, 2019

In their recent article on “Urban flood resilience in Indonesia: New approaches through an urban design lens,” the World Bank introduced the city of Semarang as one of the Indonesian cities implementing natural-based and green solutions for climate-resilient future. Along with Kota Kita and Deltares, ONE is continuing to work with World Bank for more cities in Indonesia, such as Pontianak, Bima, Manado, to develop high-level resiliency study.

Read the full article by World Bank here and Final Report for the Water As Leverage Program in Semarang here.

ONE selected to lead the development of flood mitigation and resiliency plan for Horry County

August 13, 2019

Following Hurricane Florence in October 2018, the Horry County in South California formed the Horry County Flood Resilience Plan to identify ways to improve the community’s response to flooding. ONE and Sherwood Design Engineers were selected to lead the development of a flood mitigation and resiliency plan specific to different local conditions across the county. Supported by Case consultants and PSDS, the team is undertaking a thorough risk analysis to propose a strategic plan and framework for the implementation of smart, localized adaptation solutions.

Find more info about the Horry County Flood Resiliency Plan here.

ONE developed nature-based resiliency strategies for New Clark City

July 22, 2018

ONE is helping the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) to optimize the masterplan for New Clark City, an ambitious new city in the north of Manila. In addition to a new, nature-based design for the river basin as a central feature of the city, the work includes a Resilience Framework and implementation guidelines and advice on the sub-developments and utility packages produced in collaboration with Level Infrastructure and Arcadis.

Read more about the New Clark City via CNN article here.

ONE commissioned for Climate Ready Downtown Boston

april 5, 2019

One Architecture & Urbanism (ONE) is collaborating once more with Stoss Landscape Urbanism and Kleinfelder on a district-level plan for coastal climate resilience in Downtown Boston as part of the city’s flagship Climate Ready Boston program. We have previously collaborated on two other district-level studies in East Boston and Charlestown and a vision plan incorporating resilient design strategies for Joe Moakley Park in South Boston. Presently we are also working on coastal resilience strategies in the Island End River basin for the municipalities of Chelsea and Everett, MA, and a vision plan for Peddocks Island – an historic island in Boston Harbor.

ONE and Dutch delegation participate in a week of smart city and climate-focused events in NYC

april 10, 2019

In early April, a delegation of Dutch elected officials including Amsterdam Deputy Mayor Udo Kock visited New York to participate in a series of conferences, events, and site visits centered around sustainable urban development practices, green building techniques, and resilience.

As part of programming, ONE’s Matthijs Bouw presented on lessons shared between Amsterdam in New York on the circular economy and climate adaptation, followed by a group bike tour of the Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn waterfronts. Following this, the group visited RETI Center in Red Hook to learn about the Blue City lab, a proposal for a floating climate lab in the Gowanus Bay Terminal, for which ONE is an advisory design partner.

NYCEDC releases the Lower Manhattan Climate Resilience Study (for LMCR)

March 14, 2019

In a New York Magazine op-ed, Mayor Bill de Blasio formally announced the advancement of the Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency (LMCR) Project – the second compartment of The BIG U to move forward in NYC.

Coinciding with this announcement, NYCEDC publicly released the Lower Manhattan Climate Resilience Study, for which ONE was a lead consultant alongside AECOM, HR&A, BIG, and James Lima Planning + Development. This study is a comprehensive look at current and future climate risks and impacts, and identifies nearly $500 million worth of projects and an overall strategy for climate adaptation for a more resilient Lower Manhattan.

The study can be read here.

Islais Hyper-Creek honored with ASLA-NY Merit Award

march 14, 2019

Islais Hyper-Creek, the BIG + ONE + Sherwood design for the Resilient By Design: Bay Area Challenge, has been recognized with a Merit Award in the ASLA-NY 2019 Design Awards, recognizing excellence in the practice of landscape architecture.

For the historic Islais Creek in southern San Francisco, our team proposed a restored and daylighted creek merging ecology and industry along a series of waterfront public spaces with densified and consolidated industrial and PDR space on its edges. A series of parks and public amenities populates the edges of the creek through six proposed pilot projects.

You can read the ASLA-NY press release for the 2019 Design Awards here, and learn more about the outcomes of the Resilient By Design: Bay Area Challenge here.

ONE joins the Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) as partner

Following the first phase of ONE’s Water Window Grant for the Global Resilience Partnership (GRP), we have formally joined GRP as a full partner. Since 2017, ONE has been supported by a seed grant from GRP and the Z Zurich Foundation to implement a series of pilot coastal restoration projects in Tacloban City, the Philippines – one of the areas most heavily impacted by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. To date, ONE and local partners including the Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA), Tacloban City ENRO, and Wetlands International (and others), have completed plantings of nearly 10,000 mangrove seedlings at a 1.5 hectare site in Nula-Tula and 10 hectares of beach forest seedlings at a second site in New Kawayan. ONE and partners are currently examining opportunities for scaling up through a renewed grant cycle.

Mayor of Semarang co-signs support for Water as Leverage

march 13, 2019

At an International Seminar held in Semarang, Indonesia this month, we’re proud to announce that the mayor of Semarang – Hendrar Prihadi – has co-signed support for ONE Resilient Team’s proposals and the Water as Leverage process alongside Henk Ovink (Special Envoy for International Water Affairs, Kingdom of the Netherlands) and Rob Swartbol (Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia). This is hopefully a key step in building a long-term relationship with the City on resilience projects in the coming years, as the Water as Leverage challenge enters its second phase.

The event was widely reported in the Indonesian media, including AyoSemarang, Kompas, Gesuri, Antara, and local newspapers Semarang Metro, Semarang Around, and Semarang Lima Blitz.

Matthijs Bouw and PennDesign launch new Certificate in Urban Resilience with two days of events

january 22, 2019

Kicking off two days of events at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, ONE Founding Principal Matthijs Bouw gathered experts for a day-long roundtable on collective climate education, the roadmap to implementation, the gap between equity and resilience, and more. Among panelists from a wide range of backgrounds, we were joined by Eric Klinenberg (NYU-IPK), Magdalena Ayed (Harborkeepers), Jesse Keenan (Harvard GSD), Allison Lassiter (PennPlanning), Marilyn Jordan Taylor (PennDesign), David Waggonner (Waggonner + Ball), Billy Fleming (McHarg Center), and many more.

The following day, ONE held a focus session with the new Water Center at Penn headed up by Howard Neukreg, discussing the firm’s current resilience project in Semarang, Indonesia as part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency’s (RVO) Water as Leverage challenge. Maddy Strohm penned a piece on both days in The Daily Pennsylvanianand Katherine Unger Baillie covered it for PennToday.

Triboro Corridor honored in 2018 AIANY+ASLANY Transportation + Infrastructure Design Excellence Awards

october 8, 2018

The Triboro Corridor – a project completed by One Architecture & Urbanism (ONE) and Only If – for the Regional Plan Association’s Fourth Regional Plan – received a Merit Award for AIANY and ASLANY’s 2018 Transportation + Infrastructure Design Excellence Awards. Pictured are Despo Thoma (ONE) and Karolina Czeczek (Only If -) at the awards ceremony hosted by the Center for Architecture in New York.

The project imagines an outer-borough transit system for New York connecting Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. The corridor doubles as an opportunity to integrate new blue-green infrastructure, pedestrian and bicycle transit, and paired opportunities for economic development in the adjacent neighborhoods, providing multi-level amenities to three boroughs.

The official announcement is here.

ONE selected for ambitious redevelopment of Peddocks Island on Weston & Sampson team

august 20, 2018

We’re proud to share that a team including ONE, HR&A Advisors, Weston & Sampson, and Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture has been selected by Boston Harbor Now to lead an ambitious redevelopment of Peddocks Island, an historic island within Boston Harbor that has fallen into disuse.

The island, one of the largest and most diverse in the harbor, is currently home to century-old structures, many of which are now decommissioned — barracks and officers’ quarters, a gymnasium, bakery, stables, and a military chapel. An apple orchard, yurts available for rent and camping quarters.

The official announcement circulated in The Boston Globe on August 20, 2018.

Dutch government selects ONE Resilient Team for Water as Leverage challenge in Semarang, Indonesia

july 24, 2018

We’re proud to share that ONE Resilient Team has been selected by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( to develop innovative solutions to climate and water challenges in Semarang, Indonesia as part of the Dutch government’s Water as Leverage challenge. The ONE-led team is comprised of international and local experts representing a range of disciplines, gender, and youth, including Deltares, Wetlands International, Sherwood Design Engineers, Kota Kita, and many others.

Our proposal, Water(shed) as Leverage, tackled a nexus of risks in Semarang, a major port coping with the compound effects of rapid urban expansion, uncontrolled groundwater extraction, flooding, subsidence, landslides, and pollution. This September, ONE and partners will convene in Indonesia for the first round of workshops. We’re excited to explore opportunities for transformative and inclusive change in Semarang, building on a wealth of existing local efforts.

Read the official release.

ONE concludes pilot phase of GRP Water Window grant with workshops in Tacloban

july 13, 2018

Last week, ONE returned to Tacloban City, the Philippines, to close out the pilot project / seed grant phase of our Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) Water Window grant initiated in 2016. To date, 10,000 mangrove seedling have been planted at a pilot site in Nula-Tula, and 25,000 beach forest seedlings have been planted at a second site in New Kawayan. Having completed this phase, ONE joined partner organizations including the Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA) and Wetlands International as well as an array of government and municipal agencies and international conservation nonprofits.

During the workshops, ONE discussed next steps, including the development of a data-driven approach to site selection, the development of a regional hub and plant nursery at a former shrimp processing plant, and the development of a riverine restoration program.

Learn more here.

HUMANHATTAN 2050 debuts at 2018 Venice Biennale

may 25, 2018

For the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, One Architecture & Urbanism (ONE) collaborated on Bjarke Ingels Group’s (BIG) exhibit along with consultation from BuroHappold, Byron Stigge, AEA Consulting, and others.

The installation, comprised primarily of an expansive illuminated model and videos, revives our winning vision of The BIG U developed for the Rebuild By Design competition after Hurricane Sandy: a 10-mile protective system encircling Lower Manhattan incorporating flood-resilient infrastructure with improved park space. Two components of The BIG U are now moving forward: the East Side Coastal Resiliency (ESCR) Project and the Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency (LMCR) Project. ONE is a leading design partner on both. In HUMANHATTAN 2050, the mid-century benchmark becomes a scale in which we imagine Lower Manhattan rethinking its relationship to the waterfront, adapting to climate change while building in vital social infrastructure.

To watch the installation, click here.

BIG + ONE + Sherwood present Islais Hyper-Creek at Resilient Bay Summit

may 17, 2018

At the Designing Our Future | Resilient Bay Summit on Thursday, May 17, the BIG + ONE + Sherwood team presented its designs and ideas for Islais Hyper-Creek, our vision for an historic watershed in Southeastern San Francisco restoring the area’s underlying ecology as part of a major new park.

Islais Hyper-Creek is a vision for the area where ecology and industry co-exist in harmony. A large park with a restored tidal creek system and soft shoreline shares the waterfront with maritime functions, light manufacturing, and logistics, which have all formed the area’s economic backbone for decades.

Six proposed pilot projects, developed together with stakeholders and local communities, will kickstart a long-term process toward realizing the overall vision.

Read more here.

ONE + The Mobile City release The Hackable City Cahiers

march 22, 2018

Compiled after five years of research, writing, prototyping and speculation, The Hackable City–a collaborative comprised of researchers from One Architecture & Urbanism (ONE), The Mobile City, and other affiliated institutions–has released a series of three cahiers (notebooks) exploring the social application of smart city technologies.

At a time when urban technologies have advanced at an unprecedented clip, The Hackable City Cahiers aim to nuance public discourse by advocating for the long-term, hyperlocal implementation of “smart city” systems. In this series of three notebooks, the researchers behind The Hackable City have focused on four cities to examine the successes and potential of these “hacker” techniques in urbanism.

Read more here. Read the cahiers here (#1), here (#2), and here (#3).

‘Data Mining the Urban Village’ premieres at UABB 2017

march 6, 2018

One Architecture partnered with Columbia GSAPP’s Studio X and the URBANUS curatorial team to create a signature installation for the 2017 Bi-City Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture (UABB) in Nantou Old Town, China. The exhibit, titled Data Mining the Urban Village, draws data from 17 years of public thinking on the concept of urban villages–formerly rural fishing and farming communities engulfed by rapid urbanization–of which Nantou itself is a prime example.

Students from a Columbia GSAPP summer workshop used data-scraping technologies to create a massive database of written material on urban villages from social media, journalistic, and academic sources from 2001–2017. It is on display through March 2018 in the main hall of the Biennale in Shenzhen, as part of the “Urban Village Archive”.

Read the full press release here and watch the installation video here.

Archinect Interview: Small Studio Snapshots

january 22, 2018

For this week’s Small Studio Snapshots, Archinect interviews Matthijs Bouw, founder and Principal of One Architecture and Urbanism, about opening up his New York office, after winning the Rebuild by Design competition in 2015, with the BIG U proposal our office co-led with BIG.

In the interview How One Architecture Remains Small While Working on Massive Urban Resiliency Projects Bouw discusses the difference between working in the Netherlands versus the United States, and the benefits of keeping a small team despite working on large-scale projects. In the last two years, the NYC office has grown to eight people with a satellite office in Boston. ONE is an international group of designers, architects, urban designers and planners with cross-disciplinary interests in ecology, equity, data and technologies.

Read more here.

Amsterdam International Water Week

november 1, 2017

NYC Associate Director, Mathew Staudt, will be presenting ONE’s work on The Big U/Dryline (ESCR/LMCR) at the Amsterdam International Water Week as a case study for A New Waterfront Infrastructure For a Resilient Urban Environment. The lecture will be held on November 1st, 2017 between 9 and 11:30 am.

5 Years ago, Hurricane Sandy was the worst ‘natural’ disaster ever to hit New York City and proof of a new reality defined by rising seas and stronger, more frequent extreme weather events. The Rebuild By Design competition winner, the ‘Big U / Dryline’ is an ambitious plan to protect much of Manhattan from future threats while reimagining the city’s relationship to its coastline. This presentation will introduce the Big U / Dryline concept, developments toward its implementation though the East Side Coastal Resiliency Project, and the designer’s role.

See the schedule here.

East Boston & Charlestown Report Out

october 31, 2017

The City of Boston has released “Coastal Resilience Solutions for East Boston and Charlestown”, the first district-wide strategy for two of Boston’s most vulnerable neighborhoods. The team, led by Kleinfelder and Stoss, with One Architecture and Woods Hole Group, establishes a strategy for integrating climate preparedness, flood protection, and public benefit.

The new report outlines near-term and long-term strategies to protect vulnerable neighborhoods from flooding as a result of climate change. “Climate change is here. It’s happening now. This year, we saw its effect in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and across our country and world. In Boston, we are seeing more frequent flooding on our waterfront, especially in East Boston and Charlestown,” said Mayor Walsh. “It’s more important than ever that we work together to make sure our city is ready for the changes ahead.”

Read the report here.

RBD San Francisco Bay Challenge

september 11, 2017

We are excited to be a part of the BIG + ONE + Sherwood design team for the Rebuild by Design San Francisco Bay Challenge. The Team is founded on a shared belief in the power of well-designed spaces that are connected to their contexts – ecologically, economically, and socially – and overall play a transformative role in the cities where they are located.

The BIG + ONE + Sherwood Team is co-led by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), One Architecture + Urbanism (ONE), and Sherwood Design Engineers (Sherwood). The team also includes experts from Moffat & Nichol, Nelson Nygaard, Strategic Economics, and The Dutra Group. The Team brings together significant international experience in Denmark, the Netherlands, and the Bay Area with a variety of experience in designing spaces that are vulnerable to climate events by understanding a region’s economic, political and social environment.

Read more here.

LA+ RISK Journal

september 1, 2017

LA+ RISK Journal is released, featuring an interview with Matthijs Bouw (One Architecture) on the topic of Risk and Resilience. LA+ RISK invited contributors to consider the relationship between design and the evolving landscape of risk; to explore the ways in which risk shapes our behavior and impacts our experiences of designed environments.

RISK is many things. It can invoke fun, temptation, or danger; it can be laced with uncertainty, fear, or hope. But most importantly for the design professions, risk is the engine of art and innovation. Complicating the risks inherent in every act of environmental design are two now dominant threats to humanity: climate change and social inequality, both of which are expected to make Earth a more volatile, dystopian planet. Risk reduction—under the rubric of resilience—is the new paradigm for landscape architecture and urbanism.

Read more here.

20170809-rpa4th Regional Plan: The Triborro Corridor

august 8, 2017

The Triboro Corridor plan is the result of the winning proposal for the Regional Plan Association’s Design Initiative for the Fourth Regional Plan. The initiative 4C: Four Corridors: Foreseeing the Region of the Future is being exhibited at The Chapel at Fort Tilden in the Rockaways from August 5 through September 17, Friday – Sunday, 11 AM – 6 PM.

Only If and ONE propose a dual-purposing of the system of freight lines linking Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx for passenger rail as a game changer for the outer boroughs. The firms worked together to re-conceptualize the existing right-of-way and adjacent spaces to create a linear park and greenway along the proposed line to improve community health, a bike “superhighway” for commuter and recreational use, mixed-use models for skills development and job generation, and storm water management through a reduction in road widths and parking made possible by new developments in mobility.

Beleef BSHNeprom award nomination

april 19, 2017

The cooperative urban development Beleef Buiksloterham (‘Experience Buiksloterham’) is one of five nominees for the prestigious bi-annual Neprom award for leading examples of urban development in cooperation between commercial developers and governments in the Netherlands. One Architecture is one of the architect-developers that form the cooperative, as well as the initiator of the Hackable City research project focusing on the Buiksloterham brownfield redevelopment area. Beleef Buiksloterham is a typical example of hackable city making.

The cooperative development has resulted into 8 projects with a total of 280 apartments and various commercial activities, totaling 30000m2 floor area. The development has successfully turned the barren land into one of the most popular areas in the city, with national and international attention to the new standards that have been set regarding both sustainable urban development and new cooperative development methods.

Speculations TransformationsGermany!

februari 17, 2017

Matthijs Bouw’s reflection ‘Baukasten’ on the future spatial development in Germany was recently published in ‘Speculations Transformations’. The book, edited by Raumtaktik’s Matthias Böttger, Stefan Carsten and Ludwig Engel, is the result of the Baukulturatlas 2030/2050 research project and maps the relation between changing social conditions and the built environment in future scenarios.

Meanwhile, One Architecture was present in Germany, as part of the water delegation of the Netherlands Economic Mission to Eastern Germany and parallel to the visit of the Dutch Royal couple to Eastern Germany. Like the Netherlands (and New York), Germany is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of resilient urban environments and community engagement in the planning process.

Speculations Tranfsormations, Lars Mueller Publishers

One Architecture The Big U overview

Lower Manhattan Coastal Resilience

december 12, 2016

The Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency (ORR) and the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) have retained AECOM, BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group and One Architecture to work on the Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency (LMCR) Project. LMCR is a 5 km long integrated coastal protection initiative aimed at reducing flood risk due to coastal storms and sea level rise in Lower Manhattan. Spanning the Lower Manhattan coast from Montgomery Street through the northern end of Battery Park City, LMCR seeks to improve access to the waterfront and enhance public spaces in the community. One Architecture and BIG, supported by engineering office Arcadis, are in addition currently working on the City of New York’s East Side Coastal Resiliency (ESCR) Project, a similar coastal resiliency project adjacent to the LMCR Project area. The ESCR Project runs along Manhattan’s East River waterfront.

LMCR Project

form follows flowers
Joost Meuwissen

september 8, 2016

We are very sad to hear the news of the passing of Joost Meuwissen, co-founder and former partner in One Architecture. Joost will be remembered as a true inspiration for all our work. His writings and sketches, as well as our many conversations, helped One navigate the question of how to bring architecture “as an old science” to engage the complexities of contemporary society. Joost was a unique and explosive thinker, who will be greatly missed by the entire discipline.

Hackable Cityplot
Mini-Symposium at IABR

june 24, 2016

With the IABR as the backdrop, the Hackable City will conclude its international comparative research project on new modes of collaborative citymaking – with organizations from São Paulo, Athens, and Shenzhen and Buiksloterham. Part public mini-symposium, part workshop with experts, this exchange aims to consolidate our common understanding of collaborative city-making: How can we involve existing stakeholders in city development? Does co-creation lead to a feeling of ownership and more involvement? How can these developments be perpetuated to create resilient cities in the future?
>> More information

Please RSVP to

sustainable urban deltas

Sustainable Urban Deltas

may 9, 2016

The platform of IABR–2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY presents the international conference SUSTAINABLE URBAN DELTAS that is organized as part of the official program of the Delta Coalition, a new alliance of 12 countries that, despite all of the existing international consultative structures and conventions, have come together over a shared agenda they want to implement.
The Netherlands currently chairs the Delta Coalition. Its first official high (administrative) level meeting will be held in Rotterdam on 10 May. That is why on 9 May, the national government and IABR bring government officials and professionals from around the world together for SUSTAINABLE URBAN DELTAS. How can we make the urban deltas of tomorrow more inclusive, sustainable, productive, and livable? How can we make our delta cities physically and socially resilient for all citizens?

With keynotes from a.o. Adriaan Geuze (Director West 8 Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, and curator of the 2nd IABR, The Flood), Maarten Hajer (chief curator IABR–2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY) and Edgar Pieterse (director African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town).

Master of Ceremonies is Henk Ovink (Dutch Special Envoy for International Water Affairs).

There are four parallel breakout sessions in the afternoon. Risk & Resilience, by Matthijs Bouw (One Architecture), The Urban Metabolisme, by Eric Frijters (.FABRIC), Blue Space: Mobilizing Territories and Coalitions, by Joachim Declerck (Architecture Workroom Brussels) en Balancing Economic, Ecological and Social Agendas, by Florian Boer (De Urbanisten) and Tim Peeters (ZUS).

Click here for the program

Hackable Citylpot installation
Economic Resilience in Buiksloterham

april 19, 2016

Thursday, April 21, Matthijs Bouw will speak about Buiksloterham and The Hackable City research at the Design & The City conference. Design & The City explores citizen-centered design approaches for the smart city. Central theme is the role of design(ers) to create opportunities and practices for citizens, (social) entrepreneurs and policy makers towards more liveable, sustainable and sociable urban futures.

All keynote speakers were asked to share their views on designing smart cities for citizens in a series of essays. Matthijs’ essay ‘Economic Resilience in Buiksloterham’ can be found here.

Additionally, IABR 2016 – The Next Economy has its opening weekend the 23-24th of April. Broadcasting the installation Hackable Cityplot. Watch the Hackable Cityplot installation coming to life! Studio KU+ made a great time lapse film.

De Kortestraat Gouda
Gouda Oost from essay to realization

april 14, 2016

On the 14th of april 2016 an event for Gouda Oost was held in the Nelson Mandela Centrum to communicate the latest updates on the urban renewal plans. One Architecture is the urban planner and supervisor for Gouda Oost.

In the ‘essay’ of 2009 One Architecture made a visualization of the future of the district of Gouda Oost. The essay was made based on the so-called KEI-Stadslab, interviews and workshops with residents and social en spatial analysis. It described the motivation behind the urban renewal, proposes interventions for, and provides tools to realize these interventions. Based on this essay the Municipality of Gouda signed an agreement with Woonpartners Midden-Holland for the renewal of the district.

Gouda Oost will be renovated island by island. The size of the islands is determined by the new, more transparent parcels and the possibility to build a communal element within an island, such as a playground or garden. First an urban analysis and design was made for Zuidelijk Stempel West, where the long characteristic green axis were emphasized. Soon after, a plan was made for the island Middengebied and then also for Van Heuven Goedhartsingel and Oostvogel. All plans are following the key-concepts from the initial essay.

At the end of 2015 the first pole was placed for Zuidelijk Stempel West and in 2016 the first houses and the new supermarkets will be completed.

Click here to see a video of the Gouda Oost plans.

Hackable Cityplot
IABR 2016 – The Next Economy

march 15, 2016

The International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam 2016 examines -THE NEXT ECONOMY – the relationship between spatial design and economic development. Within the event that takes place from April 23rd to July 10th 2016, The Hackable City, Cityplot and Stadslab BSH will present their work in Buiksloterham.

In an installation the overall story is told and the research, processes and projects visualised. These experiments, the result of the collision of the chaotic world of the bottom-up with a top-down urban planning, where cooperative co-design processes run in parallel with traditional urban development, are now threatened again. The end of the real estate crisis (and the lack of recognition of the other crises) introduces the risk that the government and the traditional real estate sector will manifest themselves more strongly in the area and will return to the old models taking advantage of the cool atmosphere in BSH and the demand for housing in Amsterdam. The installation sets the agenda for creating an open city.

The Hackable City_Logo
The Hackable City going international

march 15, 2016

In the coming months The Hackable City will visit Sao Paulo, Athens and Shenzhen to execute a comparative research of hackable projects in cities that are each in a phase of development that is similar to what kicked-off BSH: they are in a phase of economic downturn or, more specifically, face a crisis in real-estate development. Together with our local partners Andréa Sender from Acupuntura Urbana, Dimitris Charitos and Iouliani Theona from the UoA NTLab and Tat Lam from Shanzhai City we developed a program of exemplary cases and workshops to investigate hackability, local governance structures and solutions in these cities.

At the end of June an international knowledge exchange and mini-symposium will be held at the IABR where, based on our learnings abroad, we will discuss how to consolidate the common understanding and joint tools for collaborative city-making: How can we perpetuate such development to deal with systemic risk and create resilient cities in the future?

The Hackable CityPublication Launch “The Hackable City: A Research Manifesto and Design Toolkit”

march 14, 2016

Monday March 14 The Hackable City will present their publication ‘The Hackable City: A Research Manifesto and Design Toolkit’ at Pakhuis de Zwijger during the event ‘New Democracy #3: The Cultural Commons’. Michiel de Lange will be one of the speakers and share The Hackable City’s view on the societal transition towards a cultural commons caused by digital (media) technologies.

More information

resilience by design university
Resilience by Design University

february 19, 2016

Led by Matthijs Bouw, Rockefeller Urban Resilience Fellow for PennDesign, this two-day symposium and workshop offers an introduction to the fundamentals of resilience from experts in the field. Starting from how to incorporate concepts and tools for resilience into design, the program turns to case studies in partnership with 100 Resilient Cities to apply this knowledge in an interactive format with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the role design can play in urban resilience.

The development of this course is an iterative process. The curriculum is currently designed to bring together a diverse set of interests; it is structured to help students understand the complex environment in which design can and should play a role in resilience. Content is being tested and developed through events, workshops, and roundtables, and in collaboration with ongoing educational activities.

Presented by PennDesignRebuild by Design; the NYU Institute for Public Knowledge; and the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation; in partnership with: 100 Resilient Cities, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, The New School, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Yale University.

Register online

The Hackable CityNew publication “The Hackable City: A Research Manifesto and Design Toolkit”

february 1, 2016

In a hackable city, new media technologies are employed to open up urban institutions and infrastructures to systemic change in the public interest. It combines top-down smart-city technologies with bottom-up ‘smart citizen’ initiatives. The Hackable City is a research project on the role of digital media in the process of citymaking that resulted from cooperation between One Architecture and The Mobile City Foundation. The project investigates the opportunities of digital media technologies for the empowerment of citizens and other stakeholders in a democratic process of citymaking. This book aims to offer a closer look at the implications of ‘hackable city making’ in the form of a Hackable City Research Manifesto and a ‘hackable city toolkit’. This toolkit could give designers, policy makers and citizens a number of ideas to approach projects that they might be working on, providing also a number of strategies to include in their projects.

By: Cristina Ampatzidou, Matthijs Bouw, Froukje van de Klundert, Michiel de Lange, Martijn de Waal

Available on Issuu here


Elisabeth van Thüringen project prize for Jozef health center

november 23, 2015

One Architecture, Berend Strik and Deventer Ziekenhuis have been awarded the Elisabeth van Thüringen project prize 2015 for their shared effort resulting in the Jozef community health center in Deventer NL. The Elisabeth van Thüringen prize is a new triënnal award for art projects in health care environments, to inspire and encourage the use of art for the well being of patients, visitors and employees. The Jozef health center was selected as en excellent example for integration of art and architecture as one ‘gesamkunstwerk’. The Jozef shared the podium with two other beautiful projects: Binnenzee, Spaarnepoort and Het Vijfde Seizoen, Altrecht. More information (in Dutch) about the awards and the jury reports at See this short video about the project by Josjah Kunkeler.

A Mies for All Finissage
A Mies for All exhibition finissage and debate

september 2, 2015

On the 2nd of September 2015, Hôtel Droog hosts an exhibition finissage and debate on “architecture anyone can do”, where guests will discuss copying, technology, open source and the future of architecture. The debate brings together French artist Pierre Bismuth who won an Academy Award for developing the story for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; Anne Filson of Filson and Rohrbacher – an architecture and design firm that explores new fabrication techniques and the resultant economies; Matthijs Bouw – founding principal of One Architecture; chairman of Lightness Studios Ed van Hinte; NRC journalist Bernard Hulsman and more.

The debate orbits the concept behind A Mies for All – an initiative that aims to give to everyone the possibility to live in an iconic architecture – starting with Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House. A Mies for All touches on a century-old promise that forms the foundation of modern architecture – the democratization of quality architecture, comfortable living, and advanced achievement in art, culture and technology. The Mies for All superstructure can be fabricated locally, anywhere in the world and requires limited expertise to construct.

A Mies for All is a project based on a concept by Pierre Bismuth and Matthijs Bouw, developed by One Architecture and Filson and Rohrbacher.

The event will take place at Hôtel Droog, in Amsterdam. Wednesday, September 2 2015, 8pm. More information


Albertkanaal Antwerpen

juli 8, 2015

A team led by Posad and complemented with Arcadis and One Architecture Amsterdam will execute a concept study sustainable redevelopment of the business district Albert Canal in the city of Antwerp. In the coming year the team will focuses on creating a sustainable future for the business district on both sides of the Albert Canal.

One Architecture - Beerpavilion

Beerpavilion in NRC Handelsblad

juni 8, 2015

One had a blast from the past when the Beerpavilion was mentioned in Raymond van den Boogaards column in NRC Handelsblad. As van den Boogaard describes the design by One Architecture and Berend Strik made the recycling process of beer to urine and back to beer visible within the transparent walls of the pavilion. A hommage to Marcel Duchamp.

A Mies for All

Design/Fabrication Symposium, San Francisco

may 12-14, 2015

One Architecture is collaborating with Filson Rorhbacher and the Waag Society to conceptualize a future Design/Fabrication Laboratory in Amsterdam. We’ll be joined by Testa & Weiser Inc, Jelle Feringa, DUS Architects, and many fabrication industry leaders, to develop a blueprint for a D/F Lab that will advance Amsterdam’s architecture, construction and development-ecology. Make has invited our team to occupy the Maker Media Lab in San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts during Maker Week. From May 12-14, we’ll conduct a hands-on workshop to conceptualize a laboratory dedicated to applied research and education that advances the AEC industry, and serves as a model for Maker Cities everywhere. Visit the Maker Media Lab during MakerCon, and join us at 2:00 May 14, when we share the Design/Fabrication Lab blueprint.

More Information

Urban resiliency

1-Lectures: Manhattan Case Studies

march 19, 2015

Matthijs Bouw (One Architecture) will talk about the resiliency-projects he is currently involved with in the Unites States – foremost amongst them the ‘Big U/Dryline’ for the flood-protection of Manhattan. He interweaves this story with a narrative on the parallel transformations towards a more resilient office that his firm One Architecture is undergoing.

Thursday March 19, 20h00, at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Waterlooplein 213 in Amsterdam.
Tickets cost €5 and can be purchased at the door from 7.30 pm.
More Information

After Hurricane Sandy

Exhibition and conference Rebuild by Design

december 11, 2014

The BNA (Association for Dutch Architects) organizes the conference ‘Designing the Delta’ on the role of architecture and urban planning and opportunities for architects within the Delta Programme. Matthijs Bouw, co-lead of ‘BIG U/Dryline’, will be one of the speakers.

In december and January Architekturforum Aedes will also hightlight the Rebuild by Design projects in an exhibition and symposium ‘After Hurricane Sandy’ in their gallery in Berlin. During the symposium Matthijs Bouw will be part of Panel 1: Strategies of Resilience – Players and Processes.

BNA Conference: Thursday, 11 December 2014, 1:30-7 pm. More information
Aedes Symposium: Saturday, 6 December 2014, 10 am. Exhibition: 6 December 2014 – 22 January 2015. More information


Konzeption Baukulturatlas Deutschland 2030/2050

october 24, 2014

Under the guiding question, “How is building culture developed in Germany in the long term?” One Architecture, in collaboration with Raumtaktik, formulated an experimental research and workshop format: “Konzeption Baukulturatlas Deutschland 2030/2050, Scenarios and paradigms for a living environment in Germany” on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) – previously the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) and the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) to carry out the goal of a future-oriented, interdisciplinary interpretation of the human shaped territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The BIG U wins Holcim Award

Two prizes for the BIG U/Dryline

october 17, 2014

One Architecture and BIG‘s proposal ‘The Big U/Dryline’, to protect Manhattan against flood, has won two prizes last month: The William H. Whyte Award for creativity and ingenuity in planning, APA, New York 2014 and The Silver Holcim Award 2014 for North America.

The jury of the Holcim Award acknowledged the project’s sensitive blend of hard infrastructure and local community needs and awarded The Big U/Dryline with the 50,000 dollar prize.

From the 15 regional Holcim Awards Gold, Silver and Bronze recipients the Global Holcim Awards winners are selected. These awards will be announced in May 2015.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities: What if?

september 10, 2014

Commisioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment One Architecture examined the significance and policies of Smart Cities using different ‘what if scenarios’. The process leaded to conclusions and questions at 3 levels: what are the essential changes, what does this mean for city or area, and what questions does this raise for governance? The visualisation of these scenario’s were also part of minister Schultz van Haegen’s speech during the ‘Night of the Environment‘ organized by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

Smart Cities-thinking and digital technology affects every aspect of life, cities, planning and governance. Instead of a his own policy, Smart Cities-policies can be used as a mechanism to adjust and optimize others policies, such as clean air, livable cities and water management.

Urban resiliency

Matthijs Bouw on the Aesthetics of Resilience

september 8, 2014

In September Matthijs Bouw will discuss One’s winning proposal ‘The Big U/Dryline‘ for the Rebuild by Design contest:

The Third Water Republic 2025 in Pakhuis de Zwijger will focus on the resilient city. Keynote speaker Henk Ovink highlights his role in the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Taskforce and the design competition Rebuild by Design. After, the three winning designs where Dutch offices were involved, will discuss their designs.

On September 11, Matthijs Bouw gives a lecture at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design about the office and the winning proposal for Manhattan’s flood protection.

Link to video report of The Aesthetics of Resilience at University of Pennsylvania

The BIG U wins

The BIG U/Dryline wins Rebuild by Design

june 2, 2014

One Architecture and BIG‘s proposal ‘The Big U/Dryline’, to protect Manhattan against flood, has won The Rebuild by Design competition. The Big U/Dryline shows that the protection of low-lying parts of Manhattan can be designed in such a way that new opportunities for waterfront and the neighborhoods behind it arise. By reviewing the 10-mile coastline between West 57th via The Battery back to East 42nd Street as a series of compartments, the solutions can be profoundly local. In an intensive design process with community organizations three of the compartments were further elaborated with each a unique solution.

Item on RTL News, including interview with Matthijs Bouw en Edgar Westerhof (Arcadis)
Article in De Volkskrant
Article in Het Financieele Dagblad

Wonen in ELTA

Living in Elta

june 2, 2014

One Architecture took the initiative for a new housing/working building in Buiksloterham in Amsterdam North: ELTA.

ELTA is part of a series of projects that will form a new housing district just five minutes from Amsterdam Central Station. The design is ready and will be published on the website. The 17 town houses in the building are adaptable to everybody’s requirements. There are still several homes available for enlisting.

Delivery is scheduled in the spring of 2016.

The Berlage - Infrastructure Things
Infrastructure Things

may 23, 2014

The Berlage Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design, in collaboration with the TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, will host a capita selecta lecture series and symposium entitled Infrastructure Things. The Symposium proposes a spectrum to discuss infrastructure, focusing on the very “thingness” of infrastructure and attempting to lay the groundwork for its inclusion as a relevant design inquiry.

On May 23rd Matthijs Bouw will discuss the Amstellaan and other One Architecture infrastructure projects during the second part of the symposium titles ‘Grounding Infrastructure: Landscapes in Transit’.

BNA expertmeeting
Expert meeting Re-engineering the architect

may 8, 2014

The BNA (the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects) is organizing an expert meeting ‘Re-engineering the architect: the architect as strategic advisor’ which is part of a series about the new services architect offer. The changing market requires the industry to rethink the classical architect services. Can architects also develop, give (strategic) advise or build themselves?
Amongst other presentations Matthijs Bouw will speak about Tender Design which advises clients in asking the right question in the tender documents. Leading to better answers and quicker processes. See the short film.

The meeting will take place at Architectuurcentrum Aorta, in Utrecht. May 8, 15.00-18.00 uur

More information
Registration and tickets

Delhi 2050_Workshop 1

Water in Dwarka, Delhi 2050

april 25-29, 2014

During this step of DELHi 2050, the team, along with its various knowledge partners, researched ways to tackle the water crisis in Dwarka. Joined by Dutch partners Matthijs Bouw and Rianne Makkink, they will present the work and implementations of these designs to the DDA and interested societies. On a smaller scale, to ensure that the younger generation will be water sensitive, the “Water Game” will also be launched.

A Mies for All

april 7, 2014

Matthijs Bouw’s position paper on digital technology and its opportunity to shift roles within architecture is published in the dutch magazine ‘De Architect’. Bouw relates about an ecology of cooperating companies who research how architects, using digital technology, can democratize the building chain.

The text and its thinking is created together with Filson and Rorhbacher.

Read the article

Matthew Stadler - Deventer

Deventer’s New York City launch

march 25, 2014

On the occasion of Deventer’s New York City launch the Syracuse University School of Architecture invites you to ‘Architecture & Narrative’ at the Fisher Center. Matthew Stadler (by skype), Matthijs Bouw and Jimenez Lai (author of Citizens of no place : an architectural graphic novel) will present their work and will discuss how “the ways we write about architecture permanently shape and change what architects do.” Dean Michael Speaks will moderate the discussion.

Building Climate Resilient CommunitiesBuilding Climate Resilient Communities

march 20, 2014

Matthijs Bouw, co-lead of the BIG Team, will speak at the closing session of the RDM Campus Brooklyn Rotterdam Waterfront Exchange Project. During this day which highlights the end of the visit of Pratt Institute he will relate about Rebuild by Design (the HUD Design competition) and share some preliminary experiences with the BIG-U, a community driven flood protection for Manhattan.

Opening AmstellaanOpening Amstellaan

march 5, 2014

Three years after the first sketches, schoolkids in Deventer finally walked safely under the Amstellaan viaduct to mark the opening of One’s project (albeit a bit early illustrating the upcoming elections; not all is finished). The project (two viaducts, a park and public spaces) connects the two sides of the Rivierenwijk and forms the critical element of a large scale urban transformation. After alderman Jos Pierey’s speech, alderman Marco Swart launched the construction of the adjacent Child Centre.

Ruimtevolk-Nieuw-KapitaalNieuw Kapitaal

december 10, 2013

The article ‘The Hackable Metropolis’, One Architecture wrote together with The Mobile City, is published in the Ruimtevolk 2013 book ‘Nieuw Kapitaal’.

The text is a shortened version of our essay and discusses how a professional social city creates a smart city that is based on the intelligence of the commons.

One Architecture - Rebuild By Design_big u

The Big U

november 15, 2013

One Architecture is working to protect Manhattan against floods.

Team BIG, which includes the Amsterdam firm One Architecture, is selected for the 3rd phase of Rebuild by Design, the design competition for the rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy, to continue working on its proposal ‘The Big U‘.

‘The Big U’ proposes to protect the eight miles between West 54th Street and from the tip back to East 42nd Street Manhattan, with a system of various interconnected design solutions. The disparate solutions are tailored to the local environment each with its own program and function for the neighborhood. Sometimes as park, sometimes as public art, sometimes livable dike, and sometimes as a stand. This way, the barrage will become more than only hard infrastructure: it is also a social infrastructure.

NY Times

A Mies for All

A Mies for All seminar

november 11, 2013

Seminar Dragon’s Den: New technologies, new business models for architects’ at The New Institute, Rotterdam, November 11th, 7.30-9.30 p.m.

Digital technology not only has a great impact on the production of architecture. Digital technology changes the position of the architect in the real-estate value chain. Within the framework of A Mies for All, a seminar at Het Nieuwe Instituut explored the new business models for architects that come from these changes. A panel of Dragons (entrepreneurs, investors and business consultants) commented on the feasibility of the following business cases.

The evening is captured on video
A review of the evening published in De Architect (NL)

Matthew Stadler - Deventer

Book launch Deventer

november 17, 2013

NAi/010 Publishing, The New Institute, and the Bored to Death Book Club invite you to a free public launch for ‘Deventer’, the new book by American novelist, Matthew Stadler —featuring plenty of books, kopstootjes, and conversation— at The New Institute, Sunday, 17 November 2013, 15:00.

Deventer (NAi/010 Uitgeverij) narrates the messy, compromised, human reality of architecture and planning through the checkered story of Matthijs Bouw and One Architecture’s attempt to make a better future for an obsolete building that had been slated for demolition. Written by the American novelist, Matthew Stadler, it tells the true story of a cross-disciplinary team of planners, financiers, artists, and politicians —led by an architect— trying to rescue a beautiful but obsolete Catholic hospital in Deventer (St. Jozef Health Center), rather than sacrificing it to the calculations of the real estate market.

A review of the book was published in Blueprint

Webcam Rivierenwijk

Execution Amstellaan live

july 17, 2013

The execution of the Amstellaan is broadcasted live via the webcam. In one weekend at the end of June 180 people worked 24 hours a day to create the new intersection of the Amstellaan with the Snippelingsdijk, building also the neighbourhood connections that are an important feature of the design.

Weekkrant - In Oosterwei

Start Gouda East, Southern Stamp West

july 17, 2013

Last week the municipality of Gouda and ‘Woonpartners Midden Holland’ have signed a sale and construction agreement for the development of the ‘Zuidelijk Stempel West’. This means that the plans for this area in Gouda East can really start. The press release is available on the website of ‘De Weekkrant’.

One Architecture - Office

New Office

june 20, 2013

One Architecture has moved its office to a new location. From now on we are in a building with our friends from SeARCH.

One Architecture
Hamerstraat 3
1021 JT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

PO Box 15816
1001 NH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 20 470 0040

Interview De Architect

may 1, 2013

De Architect has recently conducted an interview with Matthijs Bouw. The interview discusses the changing role and position of the architect on the basis of One’s projects for the Rivierenwijk in Deventer, Gouda Oost, and Tender Design.

The interview can be read in the April 2013 issue and online.

Nationaal Congres Open Data

National Congress Open Data The Netherlands

april 5, 2013

On Friday, April 5th 2013 (9-18) the Town Hall in Eindhoven is the stage of the National Congress Open Data.

The motto of the day is Connecting and Sharing in which Platform Open Data Eindhoven addresses the practical application of Open Data. In addition to a number of interesting keynotes there is a varied parallel program with interactive sessions and workshops. Case studies, visual and digital presentations provide directly applicable knowledge, inspiration, dialogue and understanding of the parties playing in the field.

Matthijs Bouw and Froukje Klundert will host a workshop on the Hackable Metropolis.

Martijn de Waal - De stad als interface

The City as Interface

april 2, 2013

On April 2, 2013 “The city as interface” will be published. The book written by Martijn de Waal discusses the role of digital media in everyday urban life and the significance of the rise of “urban media” for urban design.

At the City as Interface website backgrounds to the book can be found: reviews, background articles and a series of examples.
At the book launch at 20.00 in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. Matthijs Bouw (One Architecture) and Dick van Dijk (Waag Society) among others, will explain how the theme of this book is relevant to their practice.

Martijn de Waal has contributed to our project “Eindhoven Hackable Metropolis”.

Dutch Water Design

march 1, 2013

Together with four other offices, (NL architects, Posad,BIG and Lola) One Architecture has formed the consortium Dutch Water Design (with obviously a New York-Danish touch). DWD will combine the know-how and expertise of these companies about the challenges and opportunities that designing in water environments bring. DWD will join minister Schultz van Haegen (infrastructure & environment) on her water mission to New York from March 4th – 6th to see how the Netherlands and the U.S. can enhance their cooperation in water control.

One Architecture - Eindhoven Hackable Wereldstad

Paradigm Social Innovation

february 14, 2013

The 14th of February a forum discussion and exhibition on Social Innovation will take place in the Library Eindhoven. This event is part of the knowledge workshop Paradigm organized by MAD emergent art center.

One Architecture’s Froukje of Klundert will participate in this discussion together with Hans-Martin Don (Director Salvation Army), Luk Sponselee (Eindhoven culture creator) and Cindy Rath (co-initiator Theetuin Tivoli / Cultural Center the Ark). The discussion about projects and developments in social innovation will be moderated by Nicole de Boer.
The participation in this evening is connected to the project Eindhoven Hackable Metropolis which One Architecture and The Mobile City presented during the workweek Metropolis NL organized by the Deltametropool Association.

Marc van Leent - Publiek vastgoed

Public Real Estate

February 13, 2013

The Jozef Health Center is one of the 16 case studies in Marc van Leent’s book ‘Publiek Vastgoed’ (Public Real Estate). The book describes the transformation of this former hospital monastery into a community health center, such that it is strongly embedded into the current and future neighbourhood, both socially and physically. The project proved to be the generator of the transformation of other parts of the listed building complex on the site. For Carinova, One Architecture’s elderly people home is now being tendered. Once construction starts, One will commence the architectural development of its approved urban plan for approximately 150 residential units (partly tailored to empty nesters).

For more information on the book, follow this link.

One Architecture & Urbanism’s team and the tools used are specifically fit for the various disciplines that the office deals with. Our flexibility is suitable for a variation of scales, ranging from interior design to national planning, times, from the temporary to long-term visions, and expertise, from our core team to collaborations with other offices and advisors.

Along with the articles written by others about our work, Matthijs Bouw regularly publishes articles on One Architecture’s practice and ideas. In the list below you will find a number of downloadable articles by Matthijs Bouw, some of which are written together with former partners of the office or with others.

From the late 1990’s, One Architecture has consulted national governments, multinational companies, municipalities and private clients on a large variation of projects and scales around the globe.

Current openings in New York City:

Send a cover letter, resume, and work samples as one PDF to Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Deventer (NAi/010 Uitgeverij) narrates the messy, compromised, human reality of architecture and planning through the checkered story of Matthijs Bouw and One Architecture’s attempt to make a better future for an obsolete building that had been slated for demolition. Written by the American novelist, Matthew Stadler, it tells the true story of a cross-disciplinary team of planners, financiers, artists, and politicians —led by an architect— trying to rescue a beautiful but obsolete Catholic hospital in Deventer (St. Jozef Health Center), rather than sacrificing it to the calculations of the real estate market.

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Drawing upon lessons learned from a decade of Building with Nature (BwN) across Europe and SouthEast Asia, EcoShape selected ONE to co-develop a research publication, Building with Nature: Creating, implementing, and upscaling Nature-based Solutions (NAi/010 Uitgeverij).

As a research compendium and call to action, this publication aims to capture and process knowledge of the different Building with Nature programs to communicate with a diverse audience, including decision-makers, professionals, scientists, and other interested groups.

Read more about the Building with Nature research here.

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ONE and Only If co-developed a design proposal Triboro Corridor in 2017 as part of Four Corridors, a component of Regional Plan Association (RPA)’s Fourth Regional Plan (2017) and a special initiative launched by RPA to explore the future of four specific corridors in the New York metropolitan region.

The resulting publication, Four Corridors: Design Initiative for RPA’s Fourth Regional Plan(Hatze Cantz), examines the evolving role of design in the first three plans and presents the Fourth Regional Plan’s design initiatives in depth.

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A Blueprint for Coastal Adaptation identifies a bold new research and policy agenda, providing inspirations for innovative and cross-disciplinary thinking about coastal policy as well as actionable, realistic policy and planning options for adaptation professionals and policymakers.

As one of the coastal adaptation experts contributed to this book, ONE founding principal Matthijs Bouw discusses lessons learned from ONE’s practice designing for US coastal cities. 

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ONE’s Matthijs Bouw co-contributed with Marijn de Waal and Michiel de Lange for a chapter on Hackable City in the new publication: The Routledge Companion to Smart Cities (Routledge).

Edited by Alessandro Aurigi and Katharine S. Willis, this book provides a critical and cross-disciplinary overview of the emerging topic of smart cities and explores it from a range of theoretical and empirical viewpoints.

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Named a best book of 2019 by the American Society of Landscape Architect’s The Dirt, Design with Nature Now (Lincoln Institute of Land Policy) celebrates the 50th anniversary of Ian McHarg’s seminal book Design with Nature (1969), which set forth a new vision for regional planning using natural systems.

A team of landscape architects and planners from the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design have showcased some of the most advanced ecological design projects in the world today, including ONE’s The Big U.

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