One is interested in going beyond the boundaries of our profession. A number of projects, often self-initiated, use tools of art and activism. One has a longstanding collaboration with the artist Berend Strik. Joint projects have been exhibited widely, and can be found in such collections as the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Boymans van Beuningen Rotterdam. With the artist Pierre Bismuth and Filson Rohrbacher, One use digital technologies to create ‘A Mies for All’.

A Mies for All??
That’s the question asked in the project ‘Inspired by…’, exhibited at Smart Project Space in Amsterdam during the winter of 2011/1212. It’s a part of the Pierre Bismuth exhibition ‘An Ocean of Lemonade: Or the Trouble with Living in Times of Fulfilled Utopias’, which offers a reflection on utopia and mass consumption in an affluent society.
Within this exhibition, One Architecture and Pierre Bismuth set up a pop-up office working towards the mass production and marketing of the Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe. What happens if you offer an iconic villa to the 99%? The aim of the office was to offer the Farnsworth House for the price of a low-end prefab house. In conversations with visitors, people responded with wishes and demands about customized versions of the Farnsworth House. As it turns out, the masses don’t want mass produced homes. People asked if the house could be made a bit smaller, or a bit bigger, or a bit greener, or a bit more shaded.
This is why the project moved away from the focus on the house itself, and into the possibility of using iconic architecture in the context of do-it-yourself architecture and community practices. As a product, a mock-up website for such a community was designed. In conclusion to the exhibition, a symposium about the future was held at Smart Project Space on February 4th, in which Matthijs Bouw talked about the architectural implications of mass-societies, crowd-sourcing, and the opportunities of the architectural discipline as an open community practice.

In 2005, One Architecture did a small temporary project at the Western Front’s Lux ballroom in Vancouver. The project, an installation to house the Unassociated Writers Conference and Dance Party, was made of a ghostly linen cube with a rented bouncy castle inside it.
Around it there was a makeshift café, as well as different spaces for readings. On the cube, various simultaneous readings (some of them without a live audience) were projected; the sound was adjusted so that, together with the sound of laugher of the bouncing public, the space became “an experiment in information sharing and a place in which writers and artists could commingle, display their books, read, listen, and drink champagne.”
The value of small-scale, non-institutional, bottom-up creative practices for the city and, by extension, the economy, is generally understood, especially since Richard Florida’s books.

A Frühschoppenpavilion is important because in new environments there should always be a place to drink beer. For One Architecture’s Masterplan Salzburg-West, Berend Strik designed a pavilion that refers to a traditional Austrian house without looking like one. Berend Strik and One Architecture decided to work out the proposal together; to the question of what material the pavilion should be made, the answer was… beer. When you drink beer you also have to pee; the pavilion gives space to beer but also to pee, it’s transparent and contemporary.

One Architecture and Berend Strik design a house for the twins Carla and Claudia Huntey, diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of fourteen.
The twin sisters and their mother have to change residence approximately every six months because their neighbors complain about the noises. The lack of quality in American rental housing made it necessary for us to develop, design and possibly build a house for the sisters.
In the 2 year collaboration, we are close to building a house that will enable the twins to lead a normal life. The house shall be a gift to the twins and the project is being exhibited worldwide to acquire further necessary interest and economic support.