One Architecture designs buildings, infrastructures and urban environments. One Architecture also uses design to help cities, regions and countries with their long term spatial and infrastructure planning.

One is interested in process as much as in projects. Over the years, this interest has resulted in an open, collaborative, practice in which issues such as finance, organization, (digital-) technology, culture and policy/politics form an active part of any work we do.

one architecture

One’s body of architecture work is small but distinct. One’s approach to architecture is akin to its urbanism: simple and open-ended designs provide a framework for incidents of true originality. One’s way of doing architecture has proven to be very effective in complex environments, such as areas of high density and historical significance, because of its conceptual flexibility and adaptability.

one urbanism

In urbanism, One has learned how design can help simplify and smoothen complex puzzles, and, through that, to create space for others to engage in the city. One has extensive experience in designing the interrelationship between the city and its infrastructure, as well as the interrelationship between organizations, finances and territory. The latter expertise has proven very useful post-bubble, where One has unraveled and re-thought a number of area developments. One is at the forefront of sustainable urbanism and smart city technology.

one planning

Over the past decade, One Architecture has worked prominently on the Netherlands’ spatial planning. Initially for private clients, One helped develop the project for Schiphol at Sea and, in a series of studies for the Consortium Transrapid, ‘Randstad Round’. In the past years, One has worked on the majority of the national government’s most important planning projects. More recently, One has worked on projects for the German federal ministry, as well as withing the framework of Delhi 2050 and RebuildbyDesign.

one untagged

One is interested in going beyond the boundaries of our profession. A number of projects, often self-initiated, use tools of art and activism. One has a longstanding collaboration with the artist Berend Strik. Joint projects have been exhibited widely, and can be found in such collections as the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Boymans van Beuningen Rotterdam. With the artist Pierre Bismuth and Filson Rohrbacher, One use digital technologies to create ‘A Mies for All’.

Urban resiliency

1-Lectures: Manhattan Case Studies

march 19, 2015

Matthijs Bouw (One Architecture) will talk about the resiliency-projects he is currently involved with in the Unites States – foremost amongst them the ‘Big U/Dryline’ for the flood-protection of Manhattan. He interweaves this story with a narrative on the parallel transformations towards a more resilient office that his firm One Architecture is undergoing.

Thursday March 19, 20h00, at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Waterlooplein 213 in Amsterdam.
Tickets cost €5 and can be purchased at the door from 7.30 pm.
More Information

After Hurricane Sandy

Exhibition and conference Rebuild by Design

december 11, 2014

The BNA (Association for Dutch Architects) organizes the conference ‘Designing the Delta’ on the role of architecture and urban planning and opportunities for architects within the Delta Programme. Matthijs Bouw, co-lead of ‘BIG U/Dryline’, will be one of the speakers.

In december and January Architekturforum Aedes will also hightlight the Rebuild by Design projects in an exhibition and symposium ‘After Hurricane Sandy’ in their gallery in Berlin. During the symposium Matthijs Bouw will be part of Panel 1: Strategies of Resilience – Players and Processes.

BNA Conference: Thursday, 11 December 2014, 1:30-7 pm. More information
Aedes Symposium: Saturday, 6 December 2014, 10 am. Exhibition: 6 December 2014 – 22 January 2015. More information


Konzeption Baukulturatlas Deutschland 2030/2050

october 24, 2014

Under the guiding question, “How is building culture developed in Germany in the long term?” One Architecture, in collaboration with Raumtaktik, formulated an experimental research and workshop format: “Konzeption Baukulturatlas Deutschland 2030/2050, Scenarios and paradigms for a living environment in Germany” on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) – previously the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) and the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) to carry out the goal of a future-oriented, interdisciplinary interpretation of the human shaped territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The BIG U wins Holcim Award

Two prizes for the BIG U/Dryline

october 17, 2014

One Architecture and BIG‘s proposal ‘The Big U/Dryline’, to protect Manhattan against flood, has won two prizes last month: The William H. Whyte Award for creativity and ingenuity in planning, APA, New York 2014 and The Silver Holcim Award 2014 for North America.

The jury of the Holcim Award acknowledged the project’s sensitive blend of hard infrastructure and local community needs and awarded The Big U/Dryline with the 50,000 dollar prize.

From the 15 regional Holcim Awards Gold, Silver and Bronze recipients the Global Holcim Awards winners are selected. These awards will be announced in May 2015.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities: What if?

september 10, 2014

Commisioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment One Architecture examined the significance and policies of Smart Cities using different ‘what if scenarios’. The process leaded to conclusions and questions at 3 levels: what are the essential changes, what does this mean for city or area, and what questions does this raise for governance? The visualisation of these scenario’s were also part of minister Schultz van Haegen’s speech during the ‘Night of the Environment‘ organized by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

Smart Cities-thinking and digital technology affects every aspect of life, cities, planning and governance. Instead of a his own policy, Smart Cities-policies can be used as a mechanism to adjust and optimize others policies, such as clean air, livable cities and water management.

Urban resiliency

Matthijs Bouw on the Aesthetics of Resilience

september 8, 2014

In September Matthijs Bouw will discuss One’s winning proposal ‘The Big U/Dryline‘ for the Rebuild by Design contest:

The Third Water Republic 2025 in Pakhuis de Zwijger will focus on the resilient city. Keynote speaker Henk Ovink highlights his role in the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Taskforce and the design competition Rebuild by Design. After, the three winning designs where Dutch offices were involved, will discuss their designs.

On September 11, Matthijs Bouw gives a lecture at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design about the office and the winning proposal for Manhattan’s flood protection.

Link to video report of The Aesthetics of Resilience at University of Pennsylvania

The BIG U wins

The BIG U/Dryline wins Rebuild by Design

june 2, 2014

One Architecture and BIG‘s proposal ‘The Big U/Dryline’, to protect Manhattan against flood, has won The Rebuild by Design competition. The Big U/Dryline shows that the protection of low-lying parts of Manhattan can be designed in such a way that new opportunities for waterfront and the neighborhoods behind it arise. By reviewing the 10-mile coastline between West 57th via The Battery back to East 42nd Street as a series of compartments, the solutions can be profoundly local. In an intensive design process with community organizations three of the compartments were further elaborated with each a unique solution.

Item on RTL News, including interview with Matthijs Bouw en Edgar Westerhof (Arcadis)
Article in De Volkskrant
Article in Het Financieele Dagblad

Wonen in ELTA

Living in Elta

june 2, 2014

One Architecture took the initiative for a new housing/working building in Buiksloterham in Amsterdam North: ELTA.

ELTA is part of a series of projects that will form a new housing district just five minutes from Amsterdam Central Station. The design is ready and will be published on the website. The 17 town houses in the building are adaptable to everybody’s requirements. There are still several homes available for enlisting.

Delivery is scheduled in the spring of 2016.

The Berlage - Infrastructure Things
Infrastructure Things

may 23, 2014

The Berlage Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design, in collaboration with the TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, will host a capita selecta lecture series and symposium entitled Infrastructure Things. The Symposium proposes a spectrum to discuss infrastructure, focusing on the very “thingness” of infrastructure and attempting to lay the groundwork for its inclusion as a relevant design inquiry.

On May 23rd Matthijs Bouw will discuss the Amstellaan and other One Architecture infrastructure projects during the second part of the symposium titles ‘Grounding Infrastructure: Landscapes in Transit’.

BNA expertmeeting
Expert meeting Re-engineering the architect

may 8, 2014

The BNA (the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects) is organizing an expert meeting ‘Re-engineering the architect: the architect as strategic advisor’ which is part of a series about the new services architect offer. The changing market requires the industry to rethink the classical architect services. Can architects also develop, give (strategic) advise or build themselves?
Amongst other presentations Matthijs Bouw will speak about Tender Design which advises clients in asking the right question in the tender documents. Leading to better answers and quicker processes. See the short film.

The meeting will take place at Architectuurcentrum Aorta, in Utrecht. May 8, 15.00-18.00 uur

More information
Registration and tickets

Delhi 2050_Workshop 1

Water in Dwarka, Delhi 2050

april 25-29, 2014

During this step of DELHi 2050, the team, along with its various knowledge partners, researched ways to tackle the water crisis in Dwarka. Joined by Dutch partners Matthijs Bouw and Rianne Makkink, they will present the work and implementations of these designs to the DDA and interested societies. On a smaller scale, to ensure that the younger generation will be water sensitive, the “Water Game” will also be launched.

A Mies for All

april 7, 2014

Matthijs Bouw’s position paper on digital technology and its opportunity to shift roles within architecture is published in the dutch magazine ‘De Architect’. Bouw relates about an ecology of cooperating companies who research how architects, using digital technology, can democratize the building chain.

The text and its thinking is created together with Filson and Rorhbacher.

Read the article

Matthew Stadler - Deventer

Deventer’s New York City launch

march 25, 2014

On the occasion of Deventer’s New York City launch the Syracuse University School of Architecture invites you to ‘Architecture & Narrative’ at the Fisher Center. Matthew Stadler (by skype), Matthijs Bouw and Jimenez Lai (author of Citizens of no place : an architectural graphic novel) will present their work and will discuss how “the ways we write about architecture permanently shape and change what architects do.” Dean Michael Speaks will moderate the discussion.

Building Climate Resilient CommunitiesBuilding Climate Resilient Communities

march 20, 2014

Matthijs Bouw, co-lead of the BIG Team, will speak at the closing session of the RDM Campus Brooklyn Rotterdam Waterfront Exchange Project. During this day which highlights the end of the visit of Pratt Institute he will relate about Rebuild by Design (the HUD Design competition) and share some preliminary experiences with the BIG-U, a community driven flood protection for Manhattan.

Opening AmstellaanOpening Amstellaan

march 5, 2014

Three years after the first sketches, schoolkids in Deventer finally walked safely under the Amstellaan viaduct to mark the opening of One’s project (albeit a bit early illustrating the upcoming elections; not all is finished). The project (two viaducts, a park and public spaces) connects the two sides of the Rivierenwijk and forms the critical element of a large scale urban transformation. After alderman Jos Pierey’s speech, alderman Marco Swart launched the construction of the adjacent Child Centre.

Ruimtevolk-Nieuw-KapitaalNieuw Kapitaal

december 10, 2013

The article ‘The Hackable Metropolis’, One Architecture wrote together with The Mobile City, is published in the Ruimtevolk 2013 book ‘Nieuw Kapitaal’.

The text is a shortened version of our essay and discusses how a professional social city creates a smart city that is based on the intelligence of the commons.

One Architecture - Rebuild By Design_big u

The Big U

november 15, 2013

One Architecture is working to protect Manhattan against floods.

Team BIG, which includes the Amsterdam firm One Architecture, is selected for the 3rd phase of Rebuild by Design, the design competition for the rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy, to continue working on its proposal ‘The Big U‘.

‘The Big U’ proposes to protect the eight miles between West 54th Street and from the tip back to East 42nd Street Manhattan, with a system of various interconnected design solutions. The disparate solutions are tailored to the local environment each with its own program and function for the neighborhood. Sometimes as park, sometimes as public art, sometimes livable dike, and sometimes as a stand. This way, the barrage will become more than only hard infrastructure: it is also a social infrastructure.

NY Times

A Mies for All

A Mies for All seminar

november 11, 2013

Seminar Dragon’s Den: New technologies, new business models for architects’ at The New Institute, Rotterdam, November 11th, 7.30-9.30 p.m.

Digital technology not only has a great impact on the production of architecture. Digital technology changes the position of the architect in the real-estate value chain. Within the framework of A Mies for All, a seminar at Het Nieuwe Instituut explored the new business models for architects that come from these changes. A panel of Dragons (entrepreneurs, investors and business consultants) commented on the feasibility of the following business cases.

The evening is captured on video
A review of the evening published in De Architect (NL)

Matthew Stadler - Deventer

Book launch Deventer

november 17, 2013

NAi/010 Publishing, The New Institute, and the Bored to Death Book Club invite you to a free public launch for ‘Deventer’, the new book by American novelist, Matthew Stadler —featuring plenty of books, kopstootjes, and conversation— at The New Institute, Sunday, 17 November 2013, 15:00.

Deventer (NAi/010 Uitgeverij) narrates the messy, compromised, human reality of architecture and planning through the checkered story of Matthijs Bouw and One Architecture’s attempt to make a better future for an obsolete building that had been slated for demolition. Written by the American novelist, Matthew Stadler, it tells the true story of a cross-disciplinary team of planners, financiers, artists, and politicians —led by an architect— trying to rescue a beautiful but obsolete Catholic hospital in Deventer (St. Jozef Health Center), rather than sacrificing it to the calculations of the real estate market.

A review of the book was published in Blueprint

Webcam Rivierenwijk

Execution Amstellaan live

july 17, 2013

The execution of the Amstellaan is broadcasted live via the webcam. In one weekend at the end of June 180 people worked 24 hours a day to create the new intersection of the Amstellaan with the Snippelingsdijk, building also the neighbourhood connections that are an important feature of the design.

Weekkrant - In Oosterwei

Start Gouda East, Southern Stamp West

july 17, 2013

Last week the municipality of Gouda and ‘Woonpartners Midden Holland’ have signed a sale and construction agreement for the development of the ‘Zuidelijk Stempel West’. This means that the plans for this area in Gouda East can really start. The press release is available on the website of ‘De Weekkrant’.

One Architecture - Office

New Office

june 20, 2013

One Architecture has moved its office to a new location. From now on we are in a building with our friends from SeARCH.

One Architecture
Hamerstraat 3
1021 JT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

PO Box 15816
1001 NH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 20 470 0040

De Architect - Interview Matthijs Bouw

Interview De Architect

may 1, 2013

De Architect has recently conducted an interview with Matthijs Bouw. The interview discusses the changing role and position of the architect on the basis of One’s projects for the Rivierenwijk in Deventer, Gouda Oost, and Tender Design.

The interview can be read in the April 2013 issue and online.

Nationaal Congres Open Data

National Congress Open Data The Netherlands

april 5, 2013

On Friday, April 5th 2013 (9-18) the Town Hall in Eindhoven is the stage of the National Congress Open Data.

The motto of the day is Connecting and Sharing in which Platform Open Data Eindhoven addresses the practical application of Open Data. In addition to a number of interesting keynotes there is a varied parallel program with interactive sessions and workshops. Case studies, visual and digital presentations provide directly applicable knowledge, inspiration, dialogue and understanding of the parties playing in the field.

Matthijs Bouw and Froukje Klundert will host a workshop on the Hackable Metropolis.

Martijn de Waal - De stad als interface

The City as Interface

april 2, 2013

On April 2, 2013 “The city as interface” will be published. The book written by Martijn de Waal discusses the role of digital media in everyday urban life and the significance of the rise of “urban media” for urban design.

At the City as Interface website backgrounds to the book can be found: reviews, background articles and a series of examples.
At the book launch at 20.00 in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. Matthijs Bouw (One Architecture) and Dick van Dijk (Waag Society) among others, will explain how the theme of this book is relevant to their practice.

Martijn de Waal has contributed to our project “Eindhoven Hackable Metropolis”.

Dutch Water Design

Dutch Water Design

march 1, 2013

Together with four other offices, (NL architects, Posad,BIG and Lola) One Architecture has formed the consortium Dutch Water Design (with obviously a New York-Danish touch). DWD will combine the know-how and expertise of these companies about the challenges and opportunities that designing in water environments bring. DWD will join minister Schultz van Haegen (infrastructure & environment) on her water mission to New York from March 4th – 6th to see how the Netherlands and the U.S. can enhance their cooperation in water control.

One Architecture - Eindhoven Hackable Wereldstad

Paradigm Social Innovation

february 14, 2013

The 14th of February a forum discussion and exhibition on Social Innovation will take place in the Library Eindhoven. This event is part of the knowledge workshop Paradigm organized by MAD emergent art center.

One Architecture’s Froukje of Klundert will participate in this discussion together with Hans-Martin Don (Director Salvation Army), Luk Sponselee (Eindhoven culture creator) and Cindy Rath (co-initiator Theetuin Tivoli / Cultural Center the Ark). The discussion about projects and developments in social innovation will be moderated by Nicole de Boer.
The participation in this evening is connected to the project Eindhoven Hackable Metropolis which One Architecture and The Mobile City presented during the workweek Metropolis NL organized by the Deltametropool Association.

Marc van Leent - Publiek vastgoed

Public Real Estate

february 13, 2013

The Jozef Health Center is one of the 16 case studies in Marc van Leent’s book ‘Publiek Vastgoed’ (Public Real Estate). The book describes the transformation of this former hospital monastery into a community health center, such that it is strongly embedded into the current and future neighbourhood, both socially and physically. The project proved to be the generator of the transformation of other parts of the listed building complex on the site. For Carinova, One Architecture’s elderly people home is now being tendered. Once construction starts, One will commence the architectural development of its approved urban plan for approximately 150 residential units (partly tailored to empty nesters).
For more information on the book, follow this link.

One Architecture - Amstellaan
Work in progress

february 6, 2013

In the autumn of 2012 work has started on the Amstellaan traffic artery, as the center point of the restructuring of the Deventer Rivierenwijk. The park viaduct designed by One Architecture is now under construction. Later this year another viaduct, a bicycle tunnel and a landscape design that will embed the artery in the neighbourhood will follow.

With the demolition of some apartment buildings in the autumn of 2012 work on the restructuring of Gouda Oost has also started. After a period of pre-consolidation of the soil, realisation of the new development will take off as soon as possible.

A bit earlier, in 2011, preparatory demolition work for the Jozef nursery home in Deventer has taken place. Some non-monumental extensions of the monumental former hospital complex have been removed.

one team and collaborators

One Architecture’s team and the tools used are specifically fit for the various disciplines that the office deals with. Our flexibility is suitable for a variation of scales, ranging from interior design to national planning, times, from the temporary to long-term visions, and expertise, from our core team to collaborations with other offices and advisors.

one texts

Along with the articles written by others about our work, Matthijs Bouw regularly publishes articles on One Architecture’s practice and ideas. In the list below you will find a number of downloadable articles by Matthijs Bouw, some of which are written together with former partners of the office or with others.

one ventures

One’s insight in long-term spatial trends has been translated into a number of business development projects, where One act as a (co-)investor.

one clients

From the late 1990′s, One has consulted national governments, multinational companies, municipalities and private clients on a large variation of projects and scales.

Deventer (NAi/010 Uitgeverij) narrates the messy, compromised, human reality of architecture and planning through the checkered story of Matthijs Bouw and One Architecture’s attempt to make a better future for an obsolete building that had been slated for demolition. Written by the American novelist, Matthew Stadler, it tells the true story of a cross-disciplinary team of planners, financiers, artists, and politicians —led by an architect— trying to rescue a beautiful but obsolete Catholic hospital in Deventer (St. Jozef Health Center), rather than sacrificing it to the calculations of the real estate market.

Buy a copy

One Architecture

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